Best Golf Ball for 70 mph Swing Speed: [#6 is WINNER]

There’s no better experience while playing golf than the satisfying clicking sound and feel along with perfect accuracy. Swing speed is not something a lot of people measure diligently. However, swing speed makes a huge difference in a player’s game and performance.

The best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed allows the player have better consistency in terms of both delivery and distance. These balls also help you get better sound and feel while playing.

If you like the idea of forgiving golf balls for a better feel, you should opt for the golf ball for 70 mph swing speed. Now that you’re interested in getting these golf balls, we have selected the 6 best golf balls for 70-75 mph swing speed, along with a handy buyer’s guide.

Best Golf Balls for 70 mph Swing Speed In 2021

Golf is a game that gives the ball’s quality utmost importance. So much so that you will find specialized golf balls for just about anything ranging from speed, utility, feel, sound, etc.

Best Golf Balls for 70 mph Swing Speeds

In this section, you will find reviews of seven of the best products to help you buy the best golf ball for swing speed of 70-75 mph. You can read these reviews and choose the product you like the best for the most utility.

1. TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Ball

TaylorMade is a great company with the perfect product in the golf balls for 70-75 mph swing speed category. These balls are made specifically for seniors or people who love the satisfying click and feel of hitting the golf ball with a club.

This ball is completely at par with the expensive products from the company. When compared to the TaylorMade Tour Response, the grip and control offered by this ball are perfect. Therefore, even with a mid-handicap, you will love using this product.

This might not be the best product for you if you like balls that offer more tee-box. However, the product still provides spectacular performance for general players.

The TaylorMade Soft Response has shallow U-shape dimples to increase the volume ratio. Users of this product believe this golf ball is great for slow swing speed to get perfect accuracy.

The soft 3-layer design is good for people with slower swing speeds, and like the feel, you will especially like this product if you prefer not losing distance while getting a responsive and soft feel. 


  • Shallow dimples are perfect for slow and higher spinning.
  • Golf ball compression of 35 is perfect for a soft feel.
  • You will not lose any distance while getting a soft response.
  • The product is perfect for beginner to intermediate players.

More Details About Soft Response

The TaylorMade Soft Response is made of a comfortable urethane cover that is perfect for reducing the ball’s weight and improve the greenside spin. When compared to the competition, the product is also cheaper. Therefore, it is very accessible to everyone regardless of their budget. You can grab one of these on Amazon.


  • Durable and long-lasting urethane cover.
  • Offers very comfortable swing speed
  • Increase volume ratio
  • Provides extra control


  • The extra offered with the driver and the long irons is not enough.

If you’re looking for a slow-speed, high-spin affordable golf ball, you should definitely consider the TaylorMade Soft Response golf ball. This ball is perfect for medium to high handicaps. Most seniors prefer using the TaylorMade Soft Response because of its satisfying feel and sound. 

Should You Buy It?

It is very difficult to find a golf ball that can fulfill all the criteria that the TaylorMade Soft Response fulfills at an affordable price. The ball is great for low-speed spinners and a special favorite among seniors. Once you start using this ball, you will not regret your purchasing decision.

Check Soft Response Price On Amazon

2. Callaway Supersoft Magna Golf Balls

Are you looking for the best golf ball for swing speed of 75 mph or below? Do you prefer using balls that are easy to connect with and swing? You should consider the Callaway Supersoft Magna golf ball.

The Callaway Supersoft Magna is quite oversized. Therefore, it is much easier to hit than other balls in its competition. We especially like how even though oversized, the ball is completely legal to use in competitions and tours.

With a compression ratio of 40, this is an ultra-soft ball. The extremely low compression rate also makes the ball that the core makes the ball go at the speed of about 70 MPH with extreme accuracy and for longer distances. Therefore, if you have a medium handicap, you will love this product.

If you’re on long courses and are struggling with the length, we recommend musing the Callaway Supersoft Magna. This ball will cover the distance perfectly without a lot of effort from your end.

If you are a beginner who is only trying to get used to a soft ball with low swing speed, you should surely try this product. It is one of the softest balls ever made by the company while not compromising on a lot of things soft balls generally compromise on.  


  • They are designed to cover long distances at ease.
  • Great for beginners and intermediate players.
  • Offers low trajectory with extra accuracy.
  • One of the most accurate balls on this list.

More Details About Supersoft Magna

The 2-piece oversized construction is great for anyone who is trying to get into the practice of using soft balls. The easy-to-hit construction is great for anyone who appreciates contact accuracy.

Since the ball is equipped with improved HEX Aerodynamics, the ball has a low drag to enhance the lift. The ball also features a spot-on trigonometry cover perfect for a shot-stopping wedge spin, allowing a comfortable hitting feel. You can grab one of these from Amazon.


  • An oversized ball is great for accurate hits.
  • It comes with low compression allowing the product to be super soft.
  • HEX Aerodynamics allowing the product to have enhanced lift.
  • It is made to cover long distances at ease.


  • The oversized construction does not allow the ball to fit into many cleaners.
  • You will always have to ensure that the flag is out.

Callaway is an ultra-reliable company offering very professional balls such as the Super Soft Magna. This ball meets all the standards required of a low-spin speed golf ball. If you like the idea of adding extra miles to your spin through low compression and accuracy, you will like this product.

Should You Buy It?

There is nothing better for your gameplay than to use a product from a reputable brand. Callaway is well-known for its quality products, and the Super Soft Magna is a testimony of the brand’s quality. This is the best product you can choose to enhance the distance your ball covers in a course.

Check Supersoft Magna Price On Amazon

3. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Another reputable brand we’re coving in this list is Srixon. The company is well known for its Soft Feel balls that are the epitome of low-budget perfection. The softness offered by the product is categorized as ‘spongy’ because of the medium compression rate.

This ball is at par with the Callaway Super Soft Magna in terms of softness. The fact, the two are often compared and tested together for performance checks. This is a beginners’ ball, allowing users to achieve great hits and excellent control in the greens.

This product is especially like by mid-handicappers and seniors due to its forgiving control. Even though the ball does not offer much grip, it is easy to get used to and feel rewarded. This is one of the best golf balls for 70-75 mph swing speed because of its low compression and lift.

Another reason why this ball feels incredibly satisfying is its soft cover. The ball is adaptable to almost any surface condition such as putts, pitches, and chips.

The ball is allowed accuracy on a low budget due to its 338-speed dimples. These dimples allow the ball to cut through the wind efficiently and consistently.


  • Comes with an incredibly soft and spongy construction.
  • Extreme consistency and accuracy for beginners.
  • Compression rating 60 striker perfect balance between spin speed and performance.
  • Great for long yards since the ball can cover distances at ease.

More Details About Srixon Soft Feel

The Srixon Soft Feel is the perfect combination of a low-speed product with high accuracy. It offers maximum performance in high winds. The 338-speed pattern dimples are flat for increasing the volume ratio, perfect for low-speed spin performance.

The ball cuts through the wind effortlessly, allowing for a much more comfortable and accurate hit. Moreover, these balls are capable of providing the maximum spin when the grass is short, allowing it to be perfect on greens. Check the current price of Amazon here.


  • Low spin along with low drag.
  • The 2-piece core allows the ball to have extreme accuracy.
  • This is the best product for beginners restricted by budget.
  • One of the most consistent and forgiving balls on this list.


  • Not everyone likes a spongy feel on their golf ball.
  • This ball is not ideal for intermediate players.

In the end, there is no ball as forgiving as the Srixon Soft Feel, allowing it to be a beginner favorite. The ball’s low drag keeps the ball from flying for a long time, allowing the product to not be interfered with by winds. We can easily recommend this spongy ball to anyone who has a medium handicap in their beginning period.

Should You Buy It?

As a person only getting used to using soft balls, there is nothing better than investing in a low-budget product for investment safety. The Srixon Soft Feel offers you everything you can expect from a ball with a swing speed of 70-75 mph.

Check Srixon Soft Feel Price On Amazon

4. Cut Blue Golf Balls

One of the most liked balls by professionals in terms of quality is the Cut Blue. Not only does this ball offer incredible accuracy, but it also covers long distances at ease. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for competitive golfers in the long run. 

Made of a comparatively thin urethane cover, the ball is perfect for offering incredible control. The ball is constructed in a manner different from all its competition, allowing the ball to stand out in the competition.

The ball does not have a lot of spins, regardless of whether you’re using a driver or a wedge. Even though this is a subjective matter, many professional players prefer this due to increased consistency. 

The ball’s soft cover is appropriate for green due to its incredible stopping power. It will graze through the grass and, with the right hitting technique, land and stops exactly where you’d expect it to. Don’t forget to learn about the Cut Blue Full Review.

Since the ball I made of enhanced urethane, it is incredibly durable as well. The long-term control offered by the ball is worth any price you can pay. However, Cut Blue comes at an affordable price to increase client accessibility.

The low spin rate of about 75 mph is perfect for people with low to medium handicaps. This is the ball you can use if you’re looking for accuracy like no other.


  • The ball can go for long distances without issues.
  • Incredibly durable due to the hard urethane cover.
  • Offers excellent control and accuracy over any gameplay.
  • Perfect for beginner and intermediate players.

More Details About Cut Blue

The Cut Blue can be considered a revolutionary product due to the extreme control and accuracy it offers. The urethane cover makes everything better since the product is allowed to have low swing speed while being extremely durable. Check Cut Blue Ball Price On Amazon.


  • Maximum performance on the green.
  • Feels incredibly satisfying and professional.
  • Allows for the most consistent and accurate shots possible.
  • Superb control over gameplay.


  • This is one of the most expensive golf balls when compared to its competition.

In the end, Cut Blue is an incredible product you should consider investing in. This product is liked by professionals due to the extra accuracy and distance offered by the ball’s unique construction.

Should You Buy It?

Cut Blue might seem like an expensive ball on the first look. However, the ball’s performance can justify its price. Moreover, the ball is incredibly durable, allowing your investment to stay with you for a long time.

Check Cut Blue Ball Price On Amazon

5. Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

The Wilson smart core is designed specifically to be the best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed. Since the ball offers great velocity, it is easy to maintain a consistent game and swing medium to low swing speed. The ball is known for its firmness and excellent greenside gameplay.

The Smart Core reacts to the speed and force with which a player hits the ball. Therefore, you are in complete control of how far and how fast the ball can go on a yard.

The balls are perfect for short-distance control. However, by changing the way you hit the ball, you can also make the ball go for long distances at ease. Therefore, this is an incredibly versatile ball catering to several players at once.

The core is designed to offer low spin and speed off the driver. Therefore, if you like the idea of slow swing speed ball, you should consider trying this golf ball.

The ball is firm at responding to contact and will not go out of control regardless of your playing and hitting techniques. This is a great product for maximizing distance as well as consistency.


  • Smooth air resistance is perfect for long shots.
  • Numerous and shallow dimples allow for an increased volume ratio.
  • True to its name, the ball’s core is incredibly smart and responsive.
  • One of the most affordable products on this list.

More Details About Wilson Smart Core

When it comes to durability, the Wilson Smart Core gives tough competition to its competitors. The Ionomer construction increases the ball’s playability while allowing it to have an incredibly satisfying response sound and feel. Grab Wilson Smart Core Balls from Amazon.


  • The smart core design gives you complete control over your game.
  • The ball can sustain both short and long-distance plays.
  • High velocity but low spin speed.
  • Incredibly durable Ionomer cover.


  • The product might not be perfect for professional players.

In summary, the Wilson Smart Core is a ball designed for perfection. Due to its versatile gameplay, there is no way you will carry this ball to a yard and regret doing so because of ground condition. Since the ball’s core responds to impact, you have incredible control over the ball.

Should You Buy It?

If you’ve been golfing for only a short period of time and are looking for a product that can enhance your gameplay, this is the product for you. Since you have complete control over the ball’s trajectory, you can experiment with different playing styles and techniques to enhance your golfing abilities.

Check Wilson Smart Core Price On Amazon

6. Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls

Callaway is indeed one of the top golf ball manufacturing companies out there. Whether you’re looking for soft balls or the best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed, the company has you covered.

The Callaway Hex Soft is an incredible example of how well the company’s products perform. Also, be sure to read more about the Callaway Hex Tour Soft.

The Callaway Hex Soft is specially designed for players who prefer low swing speed. Moreover, it is built to last and go for long distances. The Hex Soft offers the straightest and longest shots out of all products in its competition.

The ball’s core technology is specifically designed to give control and flexibility to the player. Therefore, the ball is good for greenside and can sustain short-distance shots as well.

With a slightly bigger core, the is firmly responsive to any hits. It is this incredible core technology that makes the ball follow a straight and consistent trajectory through a game.


  • 1.47-inch polybutadiene core
  • Incredibly soft thermoplastic urethane cover
  • Comfortable HEX design
  • Four-layer design for great performance

More Details About Callaway Hex Soft

The Callaway Hex Soft’s four-layer construction provides a feel unique to the ball. With a Thermodynamic urethane cover with HEX Aerodynamics, Surlyn inner and outer mantles, and a polybutadiene core, the ball is credibly responsive. You can grab one of these on Amazon.


  • Travels long distances at medium speed for perfect speed.
  • Offers incredible control over the greens.
  • Incredibly soft cover for the best feel and sound.
  • It is made of high-quality materials for long-lasting performance.


  • The ball is only available in the color white.

In conclusion, the Callaway Hex Soft is a great product for long-distance professional players. It provides maximum distance and a straight trajectory for controlled and calm gameplay. The ball’s low compression is perfect for offering a satisfyingly soft feel.

Should You Buy It?

Whether you look at this ball in the air or on the ground, you will find everything a professional golfer might expect from a Callaway ball. If you are considering buying the Callaway Hex Soft, you should not wait for long. Once you start using this ball, you will not want to go back to your regular golf ball.

Check Callaway Hex Soft Price On Amazon

Best Golf Balls for 70mph Swing Speed: Buyer’s Guide

It is incredible how many golf balls are present in the market and how each ball has a different purpose of serving. Therefore, if you’re looking for a golf ball offering wonderful performance while having two spin speeds, you will have to segregate the products accordingly.

Srixon Golf Balls Swing Speeds

In this section, you will find a list of things you should consider before you buy the best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed.


For the best golf ball for a swing speed of 75 mph, you should consider the distance. You need to know how far the ball can travel and how much effort you will have to put into that distance. No matter which product you choose, you should consider the ones with the highest distance.

Balls offering high distances are great for adults and people with a handicap. Therefore, they do not require a lot of effort to fly for long distances. You should consider the compression levels and see if it is compatible for long shots.


Golf balls come in quite a few constructions. You can choose to buy a two-piece, three-piece, four-piece, or even a five-piece ball. The number of layers affects the way the ball performs in a yard.

The more the number of layers, the more the materials used to construct the product, allowing the ball several different properties. However, it is not necessary that five-piece balls are better than two-piece balls.

When you’re looking for balls with a swing rate of about 70 mph, most of your options would be two-piece balls. However, you can choose a five-piece ball such as the TaylorMade TP5x.

Dimple Pattern

The dimples work as a medium of controlling a golf ball’s lift and drag. The number and pattern of dimples reflect the ball’s volume ratio, making a difference in the swing speed.

When you’re looking for the best golf balls for 70-75 mph swing speed, you should consider the balls with shallow dimples. They provide the required swing speed due to an increase in the volume ratio.


Compression is the leading factor determining how the ball will respond to hits. The lower the compression, the lower the effort you have to make the golf ball travel for long distances.

Most golf balls offering a swing speed of about 70 mph should have low compression. A compression rate between 40 and 65 is ideal for the speed you’re aiming for.


While durability does not make a difference in the way a ball performs, it is a good thing to consider while buying a golf ball. The better the durability, the more the value the ball will provide.

Moreover, the more the durability, the longer you will have to get used to the ball’s fee, allowing you to have better playing prospects in the future.

Best Golf Ball For 70 mph Swing Speed: FAQs

It is only natural for you to still have questions regarding the best golf balls for 70-75 mph swing speed. Therefore, we have created this section for you to answer some of the most common doubts about golf balls in this category.

✅ What’s the Average Swing Speed?

The average spin speed for most golfers is anything between 95-100 mph. The spin speed, however, is not only dependent on the ball but also the golfer’s hitting technique, the external environment, and many such factors.

✅ Do Soft Balls Tend to Have Lower Swing Speed?

It is no rule-of-thumb that all the soft balls have low spin speed. However, soft balls have low compression, which, paired with the right core technology, will bring down the ball’s speed to about 70-75 mph.

✅ Are Low Spin Speed Balls Good for Handicappers?

Golf balls with low spin speed are specifically made for people for handicappers. These balls tend to provide great control and accuracy, enhancing the gameplay significantly


The golf ball you prefer to buy is completely your choice. Everyone has different preferences, and there is no one-size-fits-all best choice for the best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed. You can consider buying any of the products reviewed in this list for the best performance. Moreover, you can refer to the buyer’s guide to choosing any other product.

We would suggest that you choose a product such as the Callaway Hex Soft or the TaylorMade Soft Response for the best performance.

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