How to Choose the Right Golf Balls for You?

These days while golfing, when someone says that they missed a hole in one due to a low-quality ball, others usually either brush off this complaint or straight up laugh at them. Another popular accusation is that the person is being a sore loser.

However, when you look at the statement of a faulty ball with an open mind, it doesn’t sound farfetched. In fact, one can argue that the quality of a ball is a win determining factor in a game of golf. Making that person was actually correct. A faulty golf ball can ruin one’s experience at the golf course.

In this informative guide, you will learn about golf balls, how to choose golf balls, why their quality is important, and so much more.

In this guide, you will learn.

  • Why buy good quality golf balls?
  • How to choose good golf balls?
  • Where does a good golf ball provide an advantage?
  • Getting permission to use your own golf balls
  • How to retrieve golf balls
  • How to clean golf balls
  • Tools and accessories for golf balls.
  • Golf balls after a game

Our buying guides:

Why buy good quality golf balls?

The main question arises, why to buy good quality golf balls. If all you’re going to do is hit a dense spherical ball with the same weight across any other similar corresponding product. In short, why spend money on something that can be acquired for less money with the same size, weight, and dimensions.

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Firstly there are different reasons for people to buy branded golf balls instead of random mass-produced golf balls.

  • Some might consider spending the extra cash on getting the best experience in golf. Many people take golfing at country clubs very seriously.
  • Sports competitions show organizers buy the best golf balls available to ensure that the ball’s integrity is not compromised after multiple hits.
  • There are multiple dimensions of a golf ball that affect its durability in different conditions. If any random ball is chosen then there is a risk of it turning out to be a faulty ball.

There is no single best golf ball. There are multiple configurations in which golf balls are made. Each configuration has categories that decide its performance capability, durability, and use.

Every golf ball has to follow specific standards set by sports organizations to ensure fair play. Golf balls have to follow particular dimensions and conditions that are laid out by event organizers. Generally, every golf ball has the same size, weight, and dimensions.

However, the method used to implement and distribute components based on the above features tells a golf ball’s quality.

Personally, there are three main categories of golf balls. These categories are formed based on requirements in different fields of use. These include use in country clubs, use in competitions, or in different weather conditions.

The three categories are ;

  • Distance
  • Spin control
  • Tour performance

Golf balls can be divided into these three categories based on the performance requirements at different events.


This category of golf balls is designed to be heavier at their core, meaning they have a dense inner core. This denser core design is implemented so that these golf balls can cover greater distances by maintaining maximum energy after being hit by the club.

The core is the key in this design. The core is physically larger and is combined with a thinner outer layer. The thicker the core, the more energy the golf ball retains to cover more distances when the golf club hits it. The distance golf ball is basically the base for high-quality golf balls.

Spin control

There is one thing a golfer desires the most in their golf ball, to be able to control it. The textures on different golf balls determine their controllability rate. One way to control a golf ball is to design its surface textures to ensure that the golf ball spins about its axis at a constant speed.

Spin golf balls can cover a straighter travel path. Its spinning motion allows it to keep going straight despite the air resistance it experiences while in flight.  Another way spin control golf balls are made is by making the cores smaller with a thick outer layer so that when shot in the air, it spins and covers a greater distance.

Tour performance

For competitive sports, tour performance golf balls are preferred by the competitors for use in the events. The best golfers in the world prefer tour performance. These golf balls are designed to be the best of all worlds.

They are designed to be aerodynamically stable while also having high spin controllable features. Their weight is distributed to a dense core in the middle with multiple layers applied around it to ensure that the ball can travel larger distances when a golf club hits it. All these features combined result in the best golf ball of all three categories.

A tour performance golf ball is not the best distance golf ball or the best spin control golf ball. It is the best of both worlds. It has a similar distance cover range compared to a distance golf ball while maintaining a good spin about its axis.

The multiple layers used to design a tour performance golf ball play a major part in the ball’s overall performance. When hit by a golf club, the multiple layered textures are activated at different times, ensuring delayed actions and better conservation of energy in the ball. As a result, the ball can travel faster in a straight path for a longer distance. This is why the best golfers prefer the tour performance golf ball.

These three categories show how a good quality golf ball can increase the experience of players. Even though high-quality golf balls can cost a lot considering buying a small spherical plastic object, it is worth the experience you get in return.

A faulty golf ball would ruin anyone’s experience and may actually be annoying. This is why buying a high-quality golf ball with better integrity and performance capability is the right option.

How to choose the best golf balls?

The best golf ball is not necessarily one that fulfills all the features in the categories mentioned above. Your choice depends on the desired conditions. If you’re playing in a windy area, then it would be better to choose a distance golf ball. Similarly, different weather requires different types of balls.  Choices may also depend on the type of event.


The softness of a golf ball is used to check which category it belongs to. A lower compression factor ball will be soft compared to other golf balls with a higher compression factor.

The compression factor of a golf ball contributes a lot to the golf ball’s performance.  When a golf club hits the golf ball, the compression of the layers covering the golf ball and their interaction with the golf ball core affect the range, stability, and overall capability of a golf ball.

Play environment

The environment you are playing in is an important factor in deciding the type of golf ball you should buy. When playing in an uneven open field, a spin control ball would be preferable to help travel further in a straight path.

A distance ball would be better in an even field to help the ball travel at a further distance overall. A tour performance ball would be overkill if you’re not competing in a tournament or not a serious golfer.

Weather conditions

The weather conditions at your golf club can help decide your pick. There are three categories of golf balls. Each golf ball will show different performances in different weather.

  • Windy conditions

In strong winds, the best option would be to choose a spin control golf ball. These balls are designed to take advantage of the wind resistance while in flight. This way, even in windy conditions, a spin golf ball is the best ball to choose.

Its textured surface allows it to travel in a straight path even in strong winds compared to other categories. A tour performance ball would also suffice. However, for best performance in windy conditions, the spin control golf ball is the better option of the two.

  • Summertime

During the summer, temperatures can soar to extremes. This affects the capability of your golf ball. While a distance ball would travel further in normal circumstances, a distance ball can give inconsistent performance results during hot days.

The capability of spin control balls will also show an inconsistent performance. Therefore, to get more consistent results from your golf ball, you must choose the tour performance golf ball. Since this category possesses qualities from the other two categories, it will give a better overall experience to all players.


The biggest deciding factor when choosing a ball is the price. How much are you willing to spend to get a better experience when playing golf? Is golf just a way for you to pass the time and spend afternoons with your friends and families, or are you a competitive person and a serious golfer?

These questions are quite common. Why would anyone spend money on a golf ball just to not use it for its purpose?

If you are a competitive person and like to take part in high-stakes golf, you should buy high-quality golf balls. These are more durable and perform much better than any random golf ball. For golf competitions, only the best golf ball suitable for the present on-site conditions is chosen. It might be a distance golf ball, a spin control golf ball, or a tour performance golf ball.

Organizers of events such as tournaments or local competitions should buy high-performance and high integrity golf balls since they are part of the world of competitive sports. There should be no other option. To hold such an event on a fairground for all participants, high-quality golf balls are recommended.

Even if you are not someone who enjoys golf as a sport and are just playing to pass your time, you should still buy high-quality golf balls. In terms of price to performance and price to durability ratios, a good distance ball is better than any other random ball you can buy for cheap.

A random low-quality ball might get damaged after a couple of hits from a golf club and may lose its structural integrity. This type of ball will degrade quickly and will not last long.

 The amount of money you spend buying multiple balls after each ball fails will add up to a good distance ball’s total cost. At the same time, a good distance ball will last longer and will give you a better overall experience playing golf as a bonus. In addition to these advantages, a high-quality ball will last longer. You will not have to buy a new ball every time you play golf.  

Basically, for a little extra cash, you can get a ball that lasts longer and might actually be fun to play with. Not to forget the money you would save not buying multiple low-quality balls every time a new one gets damaged.

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If you are entirely new to the game of golf, then you should start with high-quality golf balls. This way, you don’t have to adjust your skills according to a new component when playing golf in a competition if you choose to.

For beginners, the best option would be to start with distance golf balls. These are the base category of golf balls. Their dense core ensures their capability to travel longer distances as compared to other balls. You can check out excellent golf balls available for purchase here.

 All you need for a starter pack is a sturdy golf club that fits your posture and a distance golf ball. You can get a golf ball from the other categories. But those golf balls are very different, and their unique designs make them very difficult to handle. So save those for later when you have practiced enough golf actually to play against someone.

What is the best golf ball?

There is no single best golf ball. There are three categories, but each category gives golfers a different advantage.

  • A distance ball will travel further distances, so it is better suited for somewhat even golfing grounds where there are hills but not big enough to obstruct a golf ball’s path. These types of golf balls are used in country clubs.
  • A spin control ball is very different than a distance ball. It relies on its surface textures to travel in a straight path. This type of golf ball is often used in separate golf courses where there are ponds and mini lakes. Apart from this, areas with uneven terrains such as larger hill points also suit spin control golf ball.
  • A tour performance ball is overkill in many instances. For a beginner, it is unnecessary. These types of golf balls are used in official competitions such as golf tournaments. Only people who take golf extremely seriously and are passionate about playing take part in such events. Naturally, they require the best overall performance golf ball. That is the tour performance. It has a longer range of a distance ball and better aerodynamics, just as a spin control golf ball.

So don’t confuse the tour performance ball as the best ball. It has only a partial range compared to a complete distance ball, and in specific weather conditions, the tour performance is nowhere near the capability of a spin control golf ball.

The tour performance is only a preferred ball when there are optimal weather conditions, and consistent results are a requirement when weather conditions are not optimal.

Say you have 1000 $1 bills and are given three options to count the money. Two machines to count the money and a choice to count by hand. One machine costs $12 and can count the money in under 10 seconds.

The second machine costs $10 and can also count the money but at a lower rate. It will count the bills in 15 seconds. Both machines are doing the same thing. They are counting money.

However, one machine counts faster than the other, while the other machine is cheaper depending on the conditions laid out. If you are on a schedule, then you would buy the more expensive version. If you are on a budget, you will buy the cheaper machine since it does the same thing.

You would choose from one of these options. If you decide to do it by hand, then you are making a mistake. You should always choose the machine if it is available.

Similarly, you would buy high-quality balls no matter what. However, how much you spend on these golf balls depends on your needs. In separate conditions, each ball performs well. 

And just like you should not choose to count by hand, you should not choose to play golf with a low-quality, cheap golf ball. It is a waste of time and money, and you will end up buying a high-quality golf ball in the end.

Don’t just go around spending money on golf balls you don’t need. Choose wisely. Make the decision based on your budget and requirements. Do not buy a golf ball just because of its performance. Each category outperforms the other in different circumstances. Choose your golf ball by keeping in mind the conditions you need to follow.

Where does a good golf ball actually provide an advantage?

A good golf ball will show its advantage in competitions where every component of your skills count. How do you hold your golf club to how much practice you have with the category of the golf ball being used? Every situation has its own requirements.

  • When golfing with your pals, you can prove yourself the better golfer by having more practice with a golf ball that is not faulty. Your other compatriots will find it difficult to adjust to such a good golf ball. A golf ball that does not collapse when hit by a golf club is good.
  • In competitive sports, the main advantage is experience. Your experience with each category of golf balls will help you win. The vent organizers choose the type of golf ball used based on the conditions of the golf course. If you are more experienced with a spin control ball and your opponent is not, then you are at an advantage should a spin control ball be chosen. The same goes for every other category.
  • In terms of general use, the biggest advantage you have over low-quality golf balls is structural integrity. A good golf ball can be used multiple times without sacrificing its build integrity. However, in the case of a regular golf ball, a couple of hits by a sturdy golf club might render it useless. Or it could be damaged from within without anyone knowing about it. This will undoubtedly lower the amount of fun one can have when playing.

Using golf balls

It is good practice to decide with your competitors the type of golf ball you choose to play the game in a friendly competition. Everyone would try to choose the ball they have much experience with. Do not try to fool anyone into playing with a ball they think is similar to the one with whom they play.

  • Even though every participant in a game of golf has their own ball, it becomes more of a fair game if a third party decides which category of a golf ball is to be used by all participants.
  • The golf balls used must not be altered during the game. This type of bad sportsmanship is toxic and very undesirable. Be honest and play fair.
  • In tournaments and other competitions, golf balls are chosen by the organizer, and every participant has to play with that golf ball regardless. This ball is chosen on the conditions observed by the organizer. The organizer is expected to host a fair game.
  • Inform the other person when you change the type of golf ball that is being used mid-game. The reason for this change may range from using a different high-quality golf ball to the ball getting lost somewhere in the field. In this instance, all parties involved must agree upon the chosen golf ball.
  • Do not use random golf balls that are mass-produced to last only a couple of hits from a golf club. These golf balls won’t last long and are a waste of money.

How to retrieve golf balls?

If your golf ball gets lost in a pond or gets stuck in mud during a game, then you should continue with caution. Every component of your golf ball contributes to the features of the golf ball.

The texture around the golf ball’s surface is for aerodynamics, and its shape helps it travel a greater distance. If you damage your golf ball during retrieval by scuffing it, you might be forfeiting your advantage.

Ensure that when you hit the ball to get it out of the water or mud, there is no hard object in front of it. Any obstacle might contribute to its damage, and any damage to a golf ball may result in loss of advantage.

How to clean golf balls?

Once you retrieve your golf ball, make sure it is as clean as it can be. Any particles such as mud and sand stuck onto it may affect its performance capability. You might lose your competitive edge over your rival if you both chose a different category golf ball for yourselves.

Use a napkin or hanker chief to clean the ball thoroughly; make sure there are no scuff marks, cracks, or dents on the shell. Any disfiguration will change your performance result.  Any residual material on the golf ball can affect its capability.

Tools and accessories for golf balls

Your golf ball is a necessary part of your golfing gear. Having your golf ball stored at a place where it cannot be damaged is necessary for competition. You do not want anything interacting with your golf ball before the game starts.

Remember, good quality golf balls are the best bet to win a competition. If you go in with a random golf ball that can be easily damaged, then you risk losing the competition and your pride.

Golf bags

Many golf bags come with golf towels and enough space to carry multiple golf clubs. Just like golf balls, golf clubs also have their own categories. The included golf towels are used to clean your hands and your golf balls before and after the game.

The ball mark repair tool

This tool is used if a ball hits the green grass hard enough to cause depression in it. It helps fix this and make the green surface relatively flat again, and the ball mark repair tool is used to lift the depressed region allowing for something like a re-growth of the green grass to even out the surface. The flat bottom of a putter can then be used to flatten out the grass ground, and the game can continue.

Golf balls after a game

After finishing a game, make sure that your best golf balls are secured in a cylindrical casing or a pouch. Before putting them away in any of these, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned your golf balls and they are undamaged.

Your golf ball’s integrity must be checked every time before you start playing a new game.

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Golf balls come in one shape and one size, and yet, they are numerous. Each golf ball has a specific quality.  Golf balls are indeed a unique part of sports. Their variations are many, yet they all look the same.

High-quality golf balls are the best option. Whether you are a beginner, enthusiast, or pro-golfer, you should buy good quality golf balls. Wasting money is wrong. And golf balls that do not fall under the three categories of a high-quality golf ball are a waste of money.

Golf is an amazing sport. It is known for good sportsmanship. If you buy any random golf ball, then you take all the fun out of golf. That’s because your random ball will collapse before you can say the phrase a hole in one. If you still think that golf balls are not that important, you should know that impossible actions have been made using high-quality golf balls.

Some of these golf ball stunts include skipping a golf ball over an entire pond or hitting the golf ball with such precision that its spinning motion guides it towards the hole and awards the shooter into a hole in one. Golf clubs are a necessary tool in golfing. However, the importance of golf balls must also not be ignored.

In the end, golf balls have a rich history. Many golf balls with which impossible feats were performed still exist today as proof that quality matters.