Hey! I am Arafat, and Angry Golfer is a look into my passion for golf. I love playing golf and getting all the information possible about the sport. 

Angry Golfer first started in 2004 as a way to pass the time and to casually share the information I have regarding golfing. However, the hobby soon turned serious, as you can see that through the mature and well-handled information on this website. 

Angry Golfer is the one-stop website for all golfers as it is an online publication regarding golfing and related information. Regardless of your interest level and skill expertise, you will find something for yourself on this website. Here are a few categories you can find blogs for:

Angry Golfer is the website you can browse if you need help starting out with golf enhancing your sport. You can also find information that will help you devise your next golf trip. If you like golfing and want to learn everything new there is to it, Angry Golfer is the right place for you.  

What Angry Golfer Strives to Achieve?

Angry Golfer started small with narrow objectives. However, the website has now grown to have some important and wide objectives.

Building a Community 

Angry Golfer is an online publication that aims to create an informed and healthy online golf community. The website aims to bring together like-minded people and help them interact with one another to gain information about the sport they love. 

With every post you read, like, and comment on, you become a part of the wide golfing community. You can leverage this community to get important information, contact, and opportunities to grow as a professional or recreational golfer. 

Serving the Sport 

Golf is a very important part of my life. The sport has defined the way I think and experience life. Therefore, through this website, I wish to serve and grow the sport. I recognized the wide scope golf, and the sport’s community have for growth, and Angry Golfer is meant to fill those gaps. 

Angry Golfer aims at creating a positive outlook for the sport and encourage more people to engage in golfing. The bigger the community, the more information there is to learn and share. 

Penning My Thoughts 

As an ardent golfer, I come across new golf balls and rangefinders on a weekly or even daily basis. I also get updates regarding several golfing communities and events. Angry Golfer has several posts where I rant and opine on such wide topics. 

Through my thoughts and experiences, you can grow as a new golfer. Moreover, such posts can help you gain more perspective. 

Helping You Grow 

You, the people who read posts at Angry Golfer, are extremely important, and Angry Golfer aims at helping you grow. We’ll all learn how to work with our handicaps and get better at our sport. 

You can read the numerous blogs and posts on this website and get all the information you need to grow as a golfer. You can find several instructional posts for all skill-level golfers. Therefore, Angry Golfer strives to entertain and connect with you, but it also helps you improve. 

Keeping Up with the Woods

Not only Tiger and Cheyenne Woods, but we want you to keep up with all the news in the golfing world. From new golf ball and rangefinders release to the latest golf destination, Angry Golfer will help you be in the know. 

Want to know about the latest technological changes in the way golf balls and clubs are made? Angry Golfer aims to be the one place that will get you all the latest news, updates, will keep you posted about the latest happenings in the world of golf. 

About Me 

My name is Arafat, and I am the main writer and owner at Angry Golfer

Golf, to me, is my bread and butter and the reason for happiness in my life. Anything about golf is exciting to me, and I am always on the lookout for more like-minded golfers worldwide. If you are like me, you will find Angry Golfer resourceful for the numerous insightful blogs I write and post here.

I have been an active part of the world of golf for over 13 years. My passion for the sport has led me to participate in several tours over the years. Through this experience, I am confident to help you enhance your sport through online tips and tricks. 

Golfers and Writers 

Most of the blogs and posts you will find on Angry Golfer are written by me. I also regulate all the posts that go on this website. My several years’ experience in the world of golf is enough to ensure pristine content quality. This experience has also given me a lot of say. So, I pour all my experience and opinions at Angry Golfer. 

The website also features some guest posts by adequately experienced golfers in the industry. Even though all of us support different golf balls, clubs, and players, the one thing that defines all the people who have written on this website is our love for golf. 

Along with all the guest bloggers who have and will contribute to the website, I hope to make a change in your life. I hope the posts on Angry Golfer will enhance your sport and get you a better perfective of the sport and how it is played. 

Contact Us 

Do you wish to strike a conversation regarding golf? Do you want to contribute to the website? Or do you want to send feedback? Feel free to reach out to us on our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. So, let’s connect!