Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers 2021: Putting, Distance and Control

We are often asked about the best golf balls for average golfers with distance and control. For this, choosing the right golfing equipment is necessary.

Here, we discuss the common issue of finding the perfect golf balls.

Today various golf balls are available in the market, each belonging to a different category targeting a different skill level. Balls that match your skill level will support you in getting accurate, stable, and desired distance shots.

However, selecting golf balls can be confusing due to the plethora of options.

To make your choice easier, we reviewed the 7 best golf balls for average golfers with putting, distance and control of 2021:

And for further assistance, we included a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

Quick Overview

Callaway ERC Soft: Callaway Golf claims ERC Soft balls are their longest balls with a soft feel. They feature Triple Track technology for alignment aid, to help golfers hit accurate shots. Furthermore, graphene imbued Dual Soft Fast Core is utilized for providing long-distance hits with lower spins.

Wilson Tour Velocity: These are amazing all-rounder golf balls that suit players seeking greater control, feel, and distance. They feature low-mid compression for maximizing distance from tee to green.

No products found.: Vice Pro golf balls offer many benefits because of their innovative design and technology. A thin cast urethane cover gives a soft feel without compromising on durability. These balls feature S2TG technology to provide a stable trajectory and more control.

Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers with Distance

There are numerous categories of golf balls available in the market. Factors such as ball design, the material used, aerodynamics, and technology affect the performance of both the ball and the player. We have reviewed the 7 best golf balls for average golfers, to help you pick the most suitable one.

1. Wilson Tour Velocity Golf Balls

Wilson is an American sporting goods company operating since 1989. Their golf balls are well known here. Their Tour Velocity Distance golf balls, in particular, are known for their ability to cover excellent distances from tee to green.

With this focus on distance, Wilson golf designed these balls to improve both the number and quality of shots played.

Wilson Tour Velocity golf balls feature a hardcover. Hard golf balls are known for covering greater distances. An ionomer is used for the cover, which supports quality rolls.

For firmness, a high-energy, mid-compression core is utilized. Mid-level compression promotes good playability on approach shots while the high energy core acts as a powerful engine for distance shots.

To reduce the drag of air, an enhanced dimple design is used. This provides for a stable trajectory.

Numerous features make Wilson Tour Velocity golf balls stand apart for us. Most golf balls are either low or high compression, making them specific to certain skill levels and preferences.

However, Wilson Tour Velocity balls feature mid-compression levels making them suitable for almost everyone.

Finally, they are available in a pack of 15 balls, rather than a common 12-balls pack, which makes them rank higher on the value factor.

Some players are used to playing with soft-feeling covers. Since Wilson Tour Velocity balls feature an ionomer cover, it may not be preferred by such players.


  • Excellent distance
  • Good spin
  • Stable flight
  • Suits diverse level skills


  • Prone to scuffing

We recommend buying Wilson Golf Tour Velocity Golf Balls because they provide excellent distances. If you looking to hit longer shots off the greens, they are a good option. Moreover, they are designed such that they suit players having varied skill levels.

2. Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls

When it comes to creating golf balls infused with superior technology, no one does it better than Callaway. It is, therefore, a supreme name in the golfing world. As one of our best picks, we review their Superhot Bold golf balls. They feature 3-piece construction and are available in different matte finishes.

They provide superior short game control and good distance, thanks to their good design.

The 3-piece construction of the Superhot Bold golf balls promotes a good feel. The core, mantle, and cover complement each other to provide increased control and spin on the greenside.

To promote good quality shots, Callaway has worked on enhancing its aerodynamics technology. Their Superhot balls feature a design that reduces air drag and supports optimal flight in the air. Their dimples design also keeps the ball in flight for a longer time, thus enhancing distance.

Callaway introduced these balls in 3 matte finishes: red, orange, and yellow.

We admire Callaway’s effort in designing golf balls keeping customer needs in mind. Popular demand for golfers has been color variety. Superhot Bold golf balls cater to that demand.

Most times golfers have to compromise on either distance or control. However, one striking feature of Superhot golf balls is that they provide long distances without having to give up on control. Finally, they give good value for money as they are relatively inexpensive.

We found one slight drawback in Callaway Superhot Bold golf balls. They are relatively unstable when it comes to short-distance swings. However, that issue is resolved once you get used to playing with these balls.


  • Excellent control
  • Stable trajectory
  • Long-distance
  • Good spin on greens


  • Not the softest option

When it comes to selecting Callaway products, credibility is a given. Superhot Bold Golf Balls will be a great choice if you are looking to lower your handicap. Due to their innovative features, these balls will provide both distance and great control.

3. Vice Pro Golf Balls

Vice Golf offers premium quality products. In a short span of time, their golf balls have become very popular amongst players. We choose their Vice Pro golf balls for review. They feature a 3-piece construction for an enhanced feel. Moreover, they incorporate a high-energy core for more speed.

Vice Pro balls are intended for advanced players with medium or high clubhead speeds.

Vice features a 3-piece construction in their Pro series. For the cover, they switched from traditional urethane to cast urethane. This cover promotes soft feels while being more durable. As for the core, Vice touts its High-Energy Speed Core design (HSEC). This provides explosive speed.

No products found.

Their patented S2TG technology gives better control over the greenside with optimized spin rates. Vice Pro’s 318-dimple design promotes stable flight in the air with enhanced distance. Furthermore, they showcase the Keep In Line feature for alignment aid.

When it comes to tending to specific demands of different levels of players, Vice does a really good job. Their Pro series is popular for all the right reasons. Vice Pro golf balls provide distance and speed. Furthermore, the optimized level of spin on greens results in quality shots.

Finally, they do not compromise on control by using S2TG technology.

We did not find a lot of negatives about Vice Pro golf balls. However, since their design is made for medium to high swing speeds, golfers with low swing speed should consider other options.


  • Explosive speed
  • Good control
  • Optimized spin
  • Alignment aid


  • Not well suited for slow swing speed

We recommend No products found. as the best golf balls for putting, distance and control. Golfers with this playability level will benefit immensely from the speedy launch of the tee provided by these balls.

Moreover, for quality shots, greater control features will be handy. You will get increased putts with the help of the Vice Pro alignment aid feature.

4. Callaway Golf ERC Soft Golf Balls

Since most golfers look at the brand name when selecting their equipment, we have another pick from renowned Callaway Golf. Their ERC Soft Ball is infused with the latest technology to provide enhanced distance. Also, as their name indicates, the construction material used promotes a softer feel.

Any golfer looking to improve their handicap must consider the ERC Softball due to its superior features outlined below.

To begin with, Callaway has used a polybutadiene cover in ERC softballs. According to them, it’s a hybrid of urethane and ionomer. Hence, it gives the best of both worlds – you will get a softer feel without compromising on control.

ERC Soft balls feature a Dual SoftFast Core; this innovative approach retains maximum energy at the point of impact while minimizing driver spin. This translates to a higher launch for covering long distances.

For sake of alignment, ERC Softballs have Triple Track lines on the surface. This helps golfers play more accurate shots. Don’t forget to learn about Callaway ERC triple track golf balls.

We appreciate the choice of the innovative hybrid cover in ERC Soft golf balls. This cover is responsible for better control and a softer feel as compared to other balls. Moreover, advanced players are in search of balls that will provide optimized spins with long-distance – ERC golf balls fulfill these criteria very well.

Another factor that stands out is that these balls are available in the mid-price range, although they feature advanced technology and a premium feel.

There is no major flaw in ERC Soft, but some players may take time getting used to these balls being soft yet long.


  • Excellent distance
  • Good control
  • Accurate shots
  • Soft feels


  • Not suitable for beginners

ERC Soft balls are premium quality balls available in a good price range. Advanced or medium-level golfers will see improvement in their shots with these balls. The Dual SoftFast Core delivers great distance off the tee and on the greens. Owing to these incredible features, ERC Soft Golf Balls is worth a try.

5. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

Titleist is known for its excellent quality, durable golf balls. They are operating since 1935 and have acquired real insight into the golfing world. We picked their Titleist Tour Soft golf balls as one of our top choices and you will soon see why.

Titleist focuses on the R&D (Research & Development) team and has infused their Tour Soft Balls with their proprietary technological features – Thinner 4CE Grafted Cover and higher speed LSX Core.

Starting with the core, it is comparatively larger and features low (65) compression. Titleist calls it the LSX Core. It is made from soft material to promote a good feel and is ultimately responsible for a lower spin for longer distances.

Titleist’s patented technology, 4CE Grafted is used to create the cover of these balls. This cover provides good performance on the greens. As for aerodynamics, Tour Soft balls feature a spherically tiled 342-dimple design for consistent flights that cover long distances.

Finally, they are available in two color options – yellow and white.

Titleist golf outdid themselves with the Tour Soft golf balls since these balls showcase Titleist’s incredible proprietary technology. It is evident that they gave careful consideration to players’ demands. Tour Soft golf ball innovative cover and core design make them stand out in the market.

Finally, unlike other high-quality brands operating in the market, Titleist prices their products reasonably.

Even though all features included in Tour Soft balls give a top-notch performance, their low compression core may not suit every player. You need to determine your playing style before making the purchase.


  • Maximum distance
  • Affordable price
  • Different color options
  • Premium quality


  • Low compression core does not suit every player

We don’t have to second guess on quality when it comes to Titleist Golf Balls. The use of sophisticated technology makes them a good choice for average golfers.

You will see enhanced performance around the greens with long-distance, low spin quality shots. So by all means, do give Tour Soft preference when selecting your next golfing balls.

6. Snell MTB-X Golf Balls

Let’s talk about the brand that manufactures tour-level golf balls of high quality at an affordable price. Snell Golf is our pick in this regard. Their MTB-X golf balls offer amazing performance on the course. They feature 3-piece construction and an advanced aerodynamics design to give control and soft feels.

MTB-X is Snell’s latest launch and features a 3-piece design. Starting with the core, they have created a smaller design to promote high-speed, long-distance shots. This new smaller core minimizes the driver’s spin.

For the mantle, they have used thicker material to improve the quality of approach shots.

MTB-X balls feature a cast urethane cover which is responsible for superior durability without compromising on the soft feel. Furthermore, the 360-dimple pattern reduces drag and enhances flight trajectory.

We are fond of Snell Golf MTB-X balls for various reasons. When you first pick up these balls, you will be mesmerized by their softness. This softness is the result of cast urethane and 3-piece construction. Additionally, MBT-X’s launch of the putter is better than its counterparts.

Finally, we tend to question the durability of products with an affordable price tag. However, Snell uses high-quality material in MTB-X, which enhances the value of these balls.

It won’t be a real review without nitpicking a little. It is imperative to mention that MTB-X balls do not feature any alignment aid.


  • Stable flight trajectory
  • All-round performance
  • Excellent control
  • Affordable price


  • No alignment aids

MTB-X are the best golf balls launched by Snell. They provide almost everything players are looking for. Their construction and aerodynamics make sure that you get distance and soft feels along with better control. Hence, we recommend Snell MTB-X Golf Balls as one of the best golf balls for any handicapper.

7. Volvik Vivid Matte Finished Colored Golf Balls

Volvik Golf has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing golf balls. Recently their Vivid balls got a lot of attention from golfers. Primarily, their attractive matte colors were the reason behind this hype. However, these incredible golf balls incorporate many beneficial features.

They are one of the most responsive balls available in the market today.

Volvik Vivid balls feature 3-piece construction with an ionomer cover. Their interesting feature is their much-advertised powerful large core. This core provides explosive launch and distance off the tee.

Volvik has used distinct putting lines for helping golfers in alignment. Also, Vivid golf balls have a 333-dimple design on the ionomer cover. These aerodynamics promote a stable flight in the air by reducing air drag. These dimples are barely visible on the surface, which gives these balls a unique appearance.

They are available in three neon colors with matte finishes.

According to Volvik, these balls will suit players with swing speeds of 70-90 mph.

One of the best features of the Vivid balls is that even though they are soft, they have a certain firmness, making them more responsive than their counterparts.

Neon colors of Vivid balls solve visibility problems faced by golfers on the greens or in harsher weather conditions. Finally, even though there is a wide variety of golf balls available, a lesser focus is given to players with average swing speeds. Vivid balls cater to such players.

When it comes to performance, Volvik Vivid balls are great. However, to be blunt, they do scuff easily. There is a scope of improvement in terms of durability.


  • Accurate shots
  • Soft feels
  • Increased visibility


  • Not a good option for players with a high swing speed

We would recommend these balls to players with average swing speed who are looking to improve their handicap. Moreover, they are tour-caliber balls, which gives them an edge over other options. You will witness the greater speed and distance with Volvik Vivid Golf Balls.

Best Golf Balls for Putting, Distance & Control: Buyer’s Guide

To enhance performance on the course, it is necessary to select the right golf balls. Players with good handicaps need to carefully decide on their preferred golf balls to take their game to the next level.

It will benefit you to keep the following factors in mind.


You will have two options – hard or soft golf balls. While one factor that influences this choice is a personal preference, another vital thing is your skill level and style.

Generally, softballs are intended for players with low or average handicaps. They offer more control and a good feel. So for players with a handicap of 10, softballs will be the right fit.


Spin is a factor that you will hear about a lot in golfing arenas.

Golf balls with lower spin levels will reduce sidespins and offer straighter shots with longer distances on-ground. However, high spin balls cover a greater distance in the air. Your choice ultimately depends upon your skill level and preference.


It is wise to make a purchase that will not only fit well within your budget but will prove to be durable as well. While durability is usually attached to high price points, there are many good options available in an affordable price range. Refer to our reviews for some great choices.

Best Golf Balls for Distance and Control: FAQs

We gave detailed reviews of the best golf balls for distance and control and covered the basics of golf balls. Now we seek to further assist you by answering some common queries.

✅ Will a Better Golf Ball Help?

Golf balls are something that is a constant in your games. So yes, the choice of golf balls makes a difference between good or bad quality shots. Different golf balls are suited for various styles and levels. Hence, it is prudent to pick the ones that suit you the most. However, perfection, of course, comes with practice.

✅ What Is the Compression of New ERC Golf Balls?

The ERC Golf balls by Callaway have a compression rating close to 60. Usually, players prefer compression ratings of 50-100.

✅ What Is the Difference Between 2-Piece and 3-Piece Balls?

Simply put, 2-piece golf balls include two layers: cover and core only. They work well for high handicappers. 3-piece golf balls contain three layers, namely the cover, mantle, and core. They generally have softer feels and suit players with average or low handicaps.


To achieve a single-digit handicap, it is imperative to select the right golf balls. We provided an honest analysis of the top choices available in the market in 2021. This was done based on factors like construction, feels, control, and distance.

For players seeking to take their game to the next levels, we recommend No products found.. They are a popular choice among advanced players owing to their unique design and S2TG technology, which offers great benefits.

However, if you are looking for golf balls in an affordable price range, you can check Callaway ERC Soft. Callaway features innovative technology in these balls to help you achieve your desired performance. For more recommendations and guidance, you can seek help from our review of the best golf balls for average golfers with putting, distance and control.

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