NEW: Callaway Superhot Bold Review – Be Longer Than Titleist?

Looking to tweak your golf game with some experimentation? Or are you not able to get quite the right golf ball to fit your needs? When it comes to a traditional and straightforward game like golf, there are a couple of factors that determine the quality of your experience.

For most people, it is as simple as choosing the right club and golf ball. Having a golf ball suited to your sports needs and preferences is vital to nailing your game style and experience.

While some might find a 2-layered ball to fit the bill better, others would work better with the balance offered by 3-piece balls. Besides, quality reigns supreme when it comes to making this choice.

Keeping this in mind, we bring you the Callaway superhot bold review that is being chosen and loved by players everywhere.

Callaway SuperHot Bold Golf Balls Review 2021

For the golf veterans among you, Callaway is not an unfamiliar name. A renowned sports equipment manufacturing brand based in the US, Callaway Golf Company makes and markets all kinds of golf gear, from balls and clubs to caps, gloves, and bags.

One of their recent launches is the Superhot Bold Golf Balls that have been quick to grab headlines in the golfing world.

Callaway is known to improvise with regular technological innovations in the production of their equipment. It also stands out among its competitors for its bold and forward marketing strategy that has prioritized effective communication between the company and its customers.

Callaway has heeded its customers’ needs and preferences to deliver the products they are looking for. One such result is that of colored golf balls. Its popularity has seen ups and downs over the decades. The recent fad it has given rise to is golf balls with a matte finish.

Hopping on to this bandwagon, Callaway has introduced its new Superhot Bold golf ball in three distinct colors. That is, other than the standard white, complete with the matte finish. This allows golfers to add color to the game while maintaining performance.

In connection to this, the Senior VP of Research and Development at Callaway Golf has said, With the launch of the new Callaway Superhot Bold ball, we are able to provide a technologically advanced ball that delivers on performance while meeting the growing demand for color.

Callaway Superhot Bold Balls: Main Features

These Superhot Bold Golf Balls by Callaway come in packs of 15 balls in three attractive colors, namely, matte yellow, matte red, and matte orange.

callaway superhot bold review

Some of its winning features include a robust three-piece construction that boasts a high-energy core and a smooth and slim ionomer cover, a durable and balanced build, among others.

Here we take an in-depth look at the features that set these golf balls apart from the rest.

Aerodynamic Design

When it comes to effective game performance, the flight drag and lift of the ball make a huge difference. The designers at Callaway know this and have kept in mind the aerodynamics of the ball when building it. 

They have succeeded in achieving an enhanced lift and on-flight drag. Thus, the balls have a greater flight capacity for longer distances, steadily following the aimed trajectory for an increased duration.

The precise features of the ball that make this possible are the dimples and depressions on its surface. The Superhot Bold boasts a 332-dimple Hex design that gives it the edge when it comes to decreasing drag and optimizing lift.

This design also makes the ball better equipped to follow a straight flight path in the air. It works by disturbing the airflow about the ball and creating turbulence around it. This helps minimize the drag on it and lifts the ball much like an aircraft’s wings.

This well-balanced build makes the Superhot Bold an excellent option in the category of long-distance golf balls.

3-Piece Construction

The construction of the Callaway Superhot Bold Golf Ball comprises three pieces that work to deliver a well-calibrated precision and distance. The outer cover of the ball is soft and smooth to the touch.

The core of the ball is made out of polybutadiene. This ensures low compression to allow you to compress the golf ball on iron shots and accomplish straight and steady long-distance flights.

Callaway Superhot 3-Piece Construction

This core also lends the ball higher energy needed to traverse greater distances and fetch you win on the field. This feature, in particular, pins the Superhot Bold as an ideal choice for people who like to score long-distance shots.

Increased Short Game Control and Spin

The control and spin potential a golf ball offers are major determinants of its utility and value for different game types. Golfers are careful to note the rate of spin of a ball when purchasing it to ascertain that it is just right.

This will help you understand if the ball is able to scale the maximum distance with the minimum input of effort. Callaway has taken this into consideration while crafting the Superhot Bold to deliver a greater spin rate for increased distance coverage.

The three-piece construction of the ball adds to its capacity for control and spin. The smooth texture and soft outer surface of the ball lend it greater ease of spin with the putters, allowing you expanded control on the course.

Color and Matte Finish

The Callaway Superhot Bold is an upgrade to the Callaway Supersoft in a number of ways, the primary of which is the greater color choice. It has on offer golf balls in non-traditional colors like red, orange, and yellow. 

The incorporation of these expanded color options is partly on account of their popularity. The more propelling reason behind this innovation is the ease of tracking balls of such colors in the dark as well as during the day.

You can, thus, quell your worries of losing a couple of your golf balls each time you go out to play. Such costs due to misplacement can mount up with time and be a cause of consternation in the long run.

Better yet, the matte finish these golf balls offer is more palatable to the taste of the majority of players than the glossy variety. The sticky quality of the finish increases its resistance to fading. 

If you are concerned about the ball’s ease of rolling on the greens due to the matte finish, don’t be. The smooth outer cover of the ball reduces friction, letting it roll seamlessly on the field. Further, you can be reassured of their legality as these varied colored balls are compliant with USGA rules.

Durability of the Ball

This is one of the central considerations for golfers looking to shift to a new brand or model of golf balls. The balls need to be of enduring quality to enable you to use them time and again on the field without worrying about their condition.

No player wants to be persistently interrupted during the game by damaged golf balls that need replacement. This is why the Callaway Superhot Bold Golf Balls have a three-piece construction to maximize the balls’ lifespan and eliminate the need for constant swapping.

More Details About Superhot Bold

Callaway Superhot Bold Golf Balls are ideally designed for long-distance shots on the greens. They are built to ensure maximum control and spin, minimized drag, greater distance coverage, and enhanced visibility on the field. This makes this a top choice in the long-distance category of golf balls. 

The use of a soft ionomer cover in the Superhot Bold balls accords them greater spin, control, and distance. However, this is what also makes them unsuitable for shorter-distance shots, especially those within 30 yards. This inadaptability for smaller distances is seen as the model’s major drawback.

With this model, Callaway has attempted to strike a balance between a ball suited for player development and one ideal for tour-level use. While it has succeeded in doing so for the most part, it is primarily seen as a ball targeted at the newer players. The ball, nevertheless, displays select features of the finer varieties.

The mid-range price of this model also reflects this effort at a mid-spectrum featured ball. Though it falls behind the superior balls when it comes to short game performance, it is still a fine option for golfers looking at few wayward hits and long-distance shots.

In a nutshell, the Callaway Superhot Bold is a great pick for players looking for a distance ball with a few traits of the premium variety of balls.

For the purpose of clarity and comprehension, below is a condensed list of the pros and cons of the Callaway Superhot Bold golf balls.


  • Enhanced placement, spin, and control
  • Reduced drag and great lift
  • Soft and smooth outer cover texture
  • Straight flight trajectory
  • Ideal for long-distance shots
  • Distinct and easily visible color options of yellow, orange, and red
  • Budget-friendly and worth the cost
  • Durable and easy to maintain


  • Unsuited for shorter-distance shots
  • Relatively low compression 

The Callaway Superhot Bold golf balls come with a variety of convincing, useful features. Appearance-wise, the matte finish and color diversity is ideal for those looking for personalization and something other than the common white.

With the combination of features and the number of balls per pack it offers, it comes at a remarkable price. Besides, the reputation of the Callaway brand is enough to instill confidence among prospective buyers about the quality of the purchase.

Should You Buy It?

At the price and feature range it offers, the Callaway Superhot Bold is hard to resist model that you should certainly try out, whether you are just starting out at golf or are a seasoned long-distance player. A versatile choice, this model is likely to stay among the user favorites for a while.

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Callaway Superhot Bold Review: Buyers Guide

When you step into the market for a good golf ball, you will come across all kinds of options and varieties of every description. To bag the right one for you, you need to know what you are looking for and be mindful of a few factors. 

Read on to find out what you should keep in mind when scouring Amazon for the ideal golf ball.


The build of the ball makes the most difference to its performance on the field. The number of pieces or layers makes a ball more or less suited for different distances. 

One-piece golf balls, for instance, have too little compression to cover long distances. These are therefore hardly used as playing balls. Most ordinary golfers use the two-piece balls for their durability and ability to traverse greater lengths on the greens.

Further, the three-piece ball varieties come with a rubber or liquid core, enclosed by a layer of enhanced rubber and an outer cover of surlyn or urethane. These balls offer more spin and are softer to the touch.

Also available are the four and five-layered golf balls that provide remarkably greater spin separation and tour-level performance. You should choose among these varieties depending on which level you are at in your golf skills and experience.


Compression indicates the extent of deflection a golf ball undergoes upon being hit. It falls on a scale of 0 to 200, where the former applies for a ball deflecting 5 mm or more and the latter indicates a ball that doesn’t compress at all.

The majority of golf balls fall in the 50 to 100 range of compression. The ones with lower compression are softer and better suited for greater distances. 

The balls with higher compression allow more control to the player. The latter is more suitable for golfers who can swing faster to compress the ball.


Golf balls come in low spin, mid-spin, and high spin varieties. Simply put, the lower the spin, the straighter the ball will fly through the air. The low spin balls don’t tend to fly longer distances and roll for greater lengths upon landing.

On the other hand, a high spin ball, upon being hit, takes flight with a greater degree of backspin and, as a result, goes farther in the air. It doesn’t roll much on impact, however, requiring more precision.

A mid-spin ball, as the name suggests, navigates the balance between the low and high spin types and is suited to the vast majority of players.

Callaway Superhot Bold Balls Review: FAQs

Here we answer some of the questions you might have about the Callaway Superhot Bold Golf Balls.

✅ Which Color Should I Go For?

When it comes to the color of the ball, the primary consideration is visibility at different times and the extent of lighting. In the case of this model, you can order any of the three colors as all come with decent distance visibility.

For the purpose of picking one, a slightly better option from this perspective is the matte red ball. Apart from this, it is entirely up to your personal preferences when it comes to color choice.

✅ Is The Ball Made According To The USGS Standards?

The design and construction of the Callaway Superhot Bold golf ball are perfectly within the legal requirements. The color options of this ball have made some wonder about its legality, but you can be assured that these are all entirely legal.

Another factor that determines the legality of golf balls is their weight, which in the case of this model by Callaway, is also legal.

✅ Does The Superhot Golf Ball Come With Any Warranty?

These balls come with a two-year warranty. In case you notice patterns of flawed flight with these balls, it could be on account of an issue in the inner layers.

In such an event, you can contact customer service at Callaway to claim the warranty within two years and get a replacement.


If you are thinking of believing the hype around this recent launch by Callaway, you will certainly be going for a great versatile golf ball that could find a place among your favorites real quick. Grab Callaway Superhot Bold from Amazon.

This is especially the case if long-distance, high spin shots are your forte or if you are on the search for a medium-range option that takes the best of both worlds. In sum, the Callaway Superhot Bold golf ball is absolutely worth a try on the greens.

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