How To Clean Golf Balls at Home (Easy and Best Ways): Step by Step

If you are an avid golf enthusiast, you do not need anyone to tell you how dirty your golf ball can get in the yard. After all, there is a lot that it goes through!

You strike it with your club, and it withstands just about every terrain there is, including mud and water. The issue has probably got you wondering how to clean dirty golf balls at home or elsewhere.

Maybe you have tried cleaning it before, but it might not have worked out so well for you. And in all honesty, it is indeed a tough job. We hate to break it to you, but rubbing it against your pants or with a towel is hardly the solution.

Without further ado, let us get you a step-by-step guide on the best way to clean golf balls at home!

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Best Way to Clean Golf Balls at Home

Before diving into the process of how to clean golf balls at home, here is the list of the basic materials:

  • Water
  • A dish soap
  • A nylon brush
  • A microfiber towel
  • Bleach
  • A large bucket

After getting the list together, you are ready to make the homemade golf ball cleaning solution! Follow these simple steps:

  • Fill your large bucket with warm water and mix some dish soap in it. Make sure that the water level is enough to cover all of your dirty golf balls.
  • Add the balls in and stir the solution to fire up the process. Allow the dirty golf balls to sit in this solution for at least an hour. However, please do not leave them in there for way too long as it might damage the balls.
  • Get the balls out and scrub them clean with your nylon brush or a microfiber towel.
  • Repeat the process of water bathing if the balls do not seem clean enough.
  • Fill half a cap with bleach and pour it into a fresh bucket. Add water and then the golf balls to it. Please leave them in the solution for a few minutes.

When you get the balls out, they will be cleaner and whiter than ever!

How to Clean Golf Balls in Bulk?

Cleaning a bunch of dirty golf balls with the procedure mentioned earlier could get taxing and overwhelming. What you want instead is an easy way out, like with a dishwasher or washing machine. 

Use the top rack of a dishwasher for this purpose. Make sure you do not wash these balls with your plates and dishes. 

The same goes for washing machines. Empty it before throwing in the golf balls. You do not want to dirty your clothes and sheets in the process.

How Effective Are Golf Ball Washers?

Do you think you are too lazy to put so much effort into cleaning all your golf balls? As you read earlier or might have even experienced for yourself, the task is tougher than it seems.

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And if you do not clean your balls regularly and thoroughly, their quality will affect your game. So, in such cases, golf ball washers are the best.

Best Portable Golf Ball Washer

Not only do they fasten the process, but they also make it much more convenient for you to multitask. After all, the best portable golf ball washer for you must make your life convenient!

That said, several professionals and golf experts would still recommend a thorough, manual cleanse occasionally.

How Do I Find the Right Golf Ball Washer?

Have you decided that you want to go for a golf ball washer? Well, then the next big decision to make is to choose the one you want to invest in. Not all are worth the hype because not all washers suit your needs.

So, first, you need to check if you have the option to mount the golf ball washer to your cart. Portability is a huge plus point on all accounts. 

So, ask yourself if you would carry this washer cleaner around. If the chances lean towards a yes, you might also want to keep a pocket towel handy.

Pocket Golf Ball Cleaner

Rather than a machine-like washer, you could go for a pocket golf ball cleaner in this case. It carefully holds moisture. This way, you do not need to worry about continuously using water to wet the ball or cloth.

It is also convenient if you want to save time on-air drying your golf balls.

So, think of your requirements and thoroughness before choosing between the two washers or cleaners.

How Do I Clean Golf Balls From a Pond?

While it might not seem that way, golf balls from the bottom of a pond render entirely unfit. After all, the chances are that slime and mud will be all over the surface.

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And it might frustrate you how difficult it is to get the pond scum off of your golf ball. This situation is far trickier to get rid of than simple mud. Here is a step-wise solution if you are wondering how to clean golf balls from a pond.

  • Preliminary wash: Put your golf ball in a dishwasher without any solution or detergent. Pressure-washing with hot water usually damages some balls. However, in this case, there is no other way to get the pond scum off. So, the preliminary wash is a must.
  • Denture cleaning tabs: Closely place them together in a tub and throw in some denture cleaning tabs. These tabs liberate gas into the water that travels further up to surround the balls. As a result, all the hidden debris washes away.
  • Waiting period: Give the balls some time to sit in this water. You need the process to be thorough. However, do not get overboard and leave them in there for too long.
  • Final scrub: Lastly, take a rag cloth of a piece of sponge to scrub the balls dry. If you feel like the slime has not come off yet, repeat the water bath process a couple of times.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Damage Golf Balls?

No, hydrogen peroxide does not damage golf balls at all.

You can always use agents like soap or bleach that leave you with clean golf balls, as you have read so far. However, there are several other options for the same, including using hydrogen peroxide.

In fact, cleaning golf balls with hydrogen peroxide is one of the best ways of getting the job done. It is quite popular among frequent golfers too.

The secret lies behind its effectiveness. People mainly appreciate the chemical for its action against bacteria. Meaning, not only does the ball look clean after using hydrogen peroxide on it, but it also is free from bacteria.

It is a tough competitor to bleach that also tries to achieve the same action on bacteria and germs. But as you can guess, not a lot of people like working with bleach.

So, hydrogen peroxide continues to have the edge over bleach. Besides, it is quite easy for you to get your hands on a bottle of this chemical.

You might have come across it while cleaning several other things in your house. So, follow the basic steps and precautionary measures while cleaning golf balls with hydrogen peroxide.

As long as you thoroughly scrub your golf balls using a nylon brush, hydrogen peroxide will do the rest of your job.

What Makes for the Best Golf Ball Washer?

Sometimes, a homemade golf ball cleaning solution might feel like too much of a task. In such cases, the only thing that will come to your rescue is a reliable and effective golf ball washer.

One of the best ways to clean your golf ball is through the Swiss Ascent Golf Ball Washer. Whether your ball is dusty or muddy, this golf ball washer effortlessly makes it speckless.

Now, there are several things you must consider before buying a golf ball washer. After all, not every kind suits your golfing lifestyle or requirements. But on the general level, the Swiss Ascent Golf Ball Washer suits most of the demographic.

It is an easy-to-carry handy accessory since it stands as the best portable golf ball washer and cleaner. You no longer need to worry about dealing with a dirty ball with this toll in hand.

You can clean your golf balls even as you move, without making any effort yourself. Meaning, you get to save on so much time!

It would also delight you to know that this washer is extremely lightweight. And that does not come in the way of its durability. So, simply grab its nylon strap that comes with a carabiner, and attach it to your golf bag. You are all set!

Is It Safe to Put Golf Balls in the Dishwasher?

If you thought you ran out of things that could surprise you, you are wrong. As it turns out, it is completely safe to put golf balls in the dishwasher.

In fact, Golf Week sent out the word that one of the easiest ways of cleaning your golf ball at home. And why would it not be? All you need to do is put the balls in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Within a matter of a few minutes, your ball will be cleaner than ever. A dishwasher will certainly not hamper the material or quality in any way if you were worried about that.

However, do remember that your golf ball has been in places dirtier than your doormat. So, whenever you use a dishwasher to clean it, do not put in any dishes along with it.

After all, you do not want to eat off the same plates. That is probably the only thing worse than playing with a dirty ball in this case!

Can I Wash Golf Balls in the Washing Machine?

Just as is the case with dishwashers, you can also put your golf balls in the washing machine. It is probably the next most effective and best solution for a golf ball washer.

Have you wondered how to clean golf balls in bulk? Well, a washing machine is a solution! Not everybody has the time to clean the balls individually. Moreover, it calls for way too much effort.

However, putting it in your dishwasher would probably be better. It is much more thorough at doing the job because it holds the ball in place.

That is not the case with a washing machine, and the ball can toss around. While it might look roughly clean, it is not a guaranteed fact. 
But you might not have a dishwasher at home or might not want to clean it where you clean your plates. A washing machine, in such cases, is a great alternative.

However, keep in mind that you do not throw in any clothes along with the dirty balls. You do not want to risk getting the washed-off dirt on your clothes and bedsheets instead.

Besides, there is no arguing the fact that it is the best way to clean golf balls in bulk.

Summing Up

Not a lot of people invest the time and effort into cleaning their dirty golf balls. And in all honesty, it might affect the game more than you might realize.

So, rather than missing out on those crucial points, take simple step-wise precautions to clean your balls. 

Since you found yourself reading this article, you clearly understand the importance of the act. By figuring out how to clean golf balls at home, you can save up on money too.

After all, the balls tend to deteriorate sooner if you let them stay dirty. And golf balls are no cheap commodity to buy over and over again!

So, make sure to do your bare minimum for your equipment.

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