How Many Golf Balls In A Box, Case, Sleeve, 5 Gallon Bucket?

A golf ball is an essential part of a golfer’s collection. And the fact that Americans on average lose up to 300,000 golf balls per year has all of us startled. However, it is pretty understandable, too, considering the size of a golf ball which is pretty tiny. 

Though you might be buying golf balls boxes now and then, and then wonder is it enough to cover you for months. This is where the serious consideration of how many golf balls are in a box comes into practice.

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When buying a new golf ball box, you may also promise to keep it close to you, but can you even help if it is lost in the air.

This is why golf balls are sold in many different packaging. You can get golf balls in a box, sleeve, or case. You can also find golf balls packed in a bucket of varying capacity.

Here is a detailed analysis of the number of golf balls in each category so you can pick the right fit for you accordingly.

How Many Golf Balls in A Box?

A golf ball box has a dimension of 6 x 7 x 2 inches. Where 6 inches is the width, 7 inches is the length, and 2 inches is the depth. These dimensions make the golf ball box a 3-D rectangle that is spacious enough to hold around 12 golf balls. 

Yes, in a golf ball box, you can find 12 golf balls. This is the standard quantity of the golf balls in a box. And just like many other universal laws, this quantity was set decades ago.

How Many Golf Balls in A Box?

Many famous brands follow this standard size to set a fixed price for golf balls boxes. You can find the same setting in the golf ball box set for Callaway, Wilson, Titleist, Nitro, and Oncore. The box also weighs around a standard weight of 1.4 pounds, so you must know the golf balls coming to you are 12. 

The 12 golf balls in the box are protected under 4 sleeves. These sleeves are responsible for keeping the ball fresh and new. A golf guide declares that if a golf ball is kept under proper conditions, 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit, it can last up to 10 years. 

For a great golf game, it is important to have golf balls that have no scuff marks. Balls with scuff marks can impact the game performance hence damaging the efficiency of the player.

This is why these golf balls boxes are designed to keep the balls at a safe distance yet close to each other. The dimensions ensure there is no minimum friction between the balls.

How Many Golf Balls In A Case?

If you are too hooked to golfing and you pick out every Sunday to enjoy the game, then you need a greater number of golf balls. Buying too many boxes of 12 isn’t wise as if each person loses one per day, you will end up all empty. 

This is where a golf ball case comes in handy. Golf ball cases are designed for people who need a much larger quantity of golf balls. People who are probably learning golf or a golf club that provides golfing equipment for professional golfers.

Since the golf case has many balls, it will cost you less, and losing each ball won’t hurt you that much. A typical golf ball case has 6 dozen golf balls. This means a total of 72 golf balls are found in a golf ball case. 

This also is a great practice if all are pitching in to buy golf balls. Rather than bringing individual boxes, all can pitch in and buy a big golf ball case. The balls can be divided among the golfers equally. All the major golf brands offer this setting. 

But the thing with the golf ball case is that it comes in different sizes. Even better, no? So if you need a golf ball case with 2 dozen and 3 dozen balls, you can easily find one. Thankfully all famous brands have this set of selling golf balls in cases.

Although the largest golf ball case contains 144 balls which means 12 dozens of balls, this case was sold by Callaway Hex. Although don’t just go on quantity as some golf ball cases send more balls for less price and lower the quality.

How Many Golf Balls In A Sleeve?

The term “sleeve” is widely used when it comes to golf ball packaging. While most people conceive a sleeve as made of plastic, this is not the case. A golf ball sleeve is a long rectangular box or a cylindrical tube used to keep golf balls stored.

How Many Golf Balls In A Sleeve?

Each sleeve can typically accommodate 3 golf balls. In most situations, one golf ball pack contains 4 sleeves, giving you a total of one dozen (12 golf balls).

A golf ball sleeve is also the setting that you will find inside a golf ball box. As each sleeve contains 3 golf balls, there are 4 sleeves in a box. The 4 sleeves combine up to make 12 golf balls.

As the box of a golf ball is commonly sold, thankfully, you can also buy individual sleeves for best results. These sleeves can be used for people who play golf less frequently thus are less likely to need more balls. 

Even though most golf ball sellers keep 3 balls per sleeve, you will also find some sellers with 4 golf balls per sleeve. This means the entire box will have 4 sleeves of 3 balls per sleeve to make a dozen.

4 Sleeves in a Box

This is a common practice in some parts of the world, but the standard box always contains 12 golf balls. For a dozen golf balls, you might be asked to pay anywhere from $15 to $60 based on the quality of the balls. 

As the ball’s construction and layers increase, the price also increases. 3 piece golf balls or 5 piece golf balls will cost less than 1 piece golf balls or 2 piece golf balls. As the construction becomes more complex, you will observe an increase in the cost.

Why Are There 3 Golf Balls in a Sleeve? 

The idea behind three golf balls in a sleeve is that if someone arrives at the course with a sleeve of golf balls, they should be good to go for the round.

While some inexperienced players may use more than three golf balls to complete a round, golfers with a mid-handicap or better should be able to complete a round with only three golf balls.

Unless they’re on a course with water on every hole, of course, in that situation, the golfer should put on at least two sleeves and head out onto the course. Most golf bags have plenty of room, so slipping two or three ball sleeves into a side pocket is simple.

How Many Golf Balls in A Pack?

In most cases, a golf ball pack is a different name for a golf ball box. A golf ball pack contains 12 golf balls which are the same as a golf box. Some golf ball sellers make a pack of 15 golf balls, but a dozen per pack is the most common practice.

How Many Golf Balls in a Pack?

Although there is no fixed rule or logic behind why golf ball packs are sold in a pack of 12 balls, it is only to provide a value purchase. As you see, a dozen is a measurement for many things such as eggs and bananas and oranges. Thus you can get golf balls in a dozen quantity too.

How Many Golf Balls in A Bucket?

How many golf balls can a bucket hold? A standard-sized bucket may hold around 40 golf balls.

You’ll be asked to pay for a bucket of golf balls whenever you go to a golfing range. You’ll be handed a little bucket containing 40 golf balls to utilize depending on the range you’re playing at.

How Many Golf Balls in A Bucket?

When playing on a course, you may also need to know how many balls you can carry inside a bucket. Many golfers choose to carry a bucket of golf balls with them from hole to hole. This isn’t a bad concept at all, as it allows you to practice many swings from the same spot.

A three-dozen-ball case and one bucket will easily last you an entire day of 18-hole golf. That being said, a golf ball bucket, as shown in the image below, is also easier to carry around as you move around the golf case. 

Though it looks like carrying eggs on Easter, think about the fact that you are carrying three dozens of golf balls around the course in packs of 12. You will be collecting the boxes, placing them on top of each other (likely topping them over) every time you need to move. 

A golf ball bucket is simply a safe and easy-to-carry option around the field. However, you need to be careful about not tipping it over. However, if you are not up for an open bucket, you can also get a glass or plastic bucket with a lid on it and a handle to carry it with you.

How Many Golf Balls Fit In A 5 Gallon Bucket?

When most people see someone carrying 5-gallon buckets around during a game of golf, they wonder how many golf balls they can fit in them. These individuals carry a 5-gallon bucket filled with either new or used golf balls for use in a game.

How Many Golf Balls Fit In A 5 Gallon Bucket?

When asked, most of these individuals stated that they normally fill these buckets with the bare minimum of golf balls required for the game, which is approximately 50-70 golf balls.

However, you should be aware that they will still leave some gaps. So, how many balls will fit in a 5-gallon bucket if some slots aren’t left? 

To calculate how many golf balls can fit into a gallon, it is important to calculate the volume occupied by each golf ball and the volume of a gallon and do the math accordingly.

Even though golfers use a 5-gallon pail to move an average of 50 to 80 toes into or out of the golf course, our calculations show that a spherically sized bucket can hold around 340 balls.

How Much Is a 5 Gallon Bucket of Golf Balls Worth?

This overall cost depends on various factors. The type of golf balls you have chosen. Whether they are 1 piece, 2 pieces, or 3 piece golf balls, a golf ball with greater piece construction will cost you more. 

Then the second factor that counts is the brand name. Certain brands have golf balls that cost higher because they swear by the quality of the golf balls. You could also be paying for the gallon quality if you are buying the balls in a gallon. 

Since a golf ball gallon can fit up to 70-80 balls, you can do the math to determine the cost of a 5-gallon golf ball collection.

How Many Golf Balls Should You Buy At A Time?

Though this is common to pop up in man’s minds, there is no hard and fast rule to buy several golf balls simultaneously. It mainly depends on your preference and use. But it is also true that when taken care of properly, the golf ball doesn’t lose its freshness. 

Hence you can buy many golf balls at a time. Anywhere from one to two dozen is the right approach. You might need three golf balls per round, so carrying a sleeve for each round is common. It would help if you also carried a box each time you go for a golf game. 

Frequently, buy one, get one free or buy two, get one free offer are available if you can obtain a discount plus perks like free shipping.

The last thing you want to be concerned about on the golf course is whether you have enough golf balls. If you’re going to play golf, invest in yourself and be prepared for your round!

How Much Can You Save on Golf Balls When Buying In Bulk?

You may undoubtedly save money by purchasing golf balls in quantity. As buying in bulk will lower per-unit cost, you can get good quality per piece for less. 

For example, The Bridgestone e6 Straight Golf Balls are a fantastic illustration of this. A two-dozen-pack can cost around $25.99, while a six-dozen-pack can cost around $64.99. This equates to a $13 save (18 percent difference).


You can make better purchasing decisions if you understand golf ball quantities and packaging sizes. Knowing how many balls come in a pack vs. a case can help you save hundreds of dollars over time.

Other measurements, aside from quantity, are useful while purchasing golf balls. One thing, though, you should know when purchasing a golf ball is that it is not wise to buy one golf ball at a time.

Purchase a dozen balls at the very least. It is widely accepted that 12 balls are an appropriate number of balls for a beginner golfer to begin with.

If you intend to hit the fairway more than once a month, you should invest in a case of balls. A case of golf balls comes in sets of 2, 3, or 5 dozen (24, 36, or 60 balls, respectively) and is sufficient for at least a few months of play.

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