Best Golf Ball For 85 to 110 mph Swing Speed: 2021 Edition

Do you want more feel across the green or greater distance off the tee? Maybe you want your irons to make less thump off the clubface as you play? You can achieve all of it with a single piece of equipment, i.e., a Golf Ball.

A golf ball can help to minimize your weakness and enhance your strength. Therefore, the golf ball you select can have a huge and significant impact on your game. The selection for golf balls also depends on your swing speed.

As each golf ball has a different composition, the ball’s reaction upon hitting the clubhead would be different.

If you are looking out for the best golf ball for 85 to 110 mph swing speed, read the reviews of our 9 best choices.

Best Golf Balls for 80-110 mph Swing Speed 2021

At 85-110 swing speed, you will get a great distance on the ball effortlessly. The clubs also determine the overall distance and quality of the game.

Nevertheless, the best golf ball for 85 to 110 mph swing speed allows you to get more distance and excellent aerodynamics.

Below, you will find the reviews of the 9 best golf balls under different swing speed categories.

Best Golf Ball for 100-110 mph Swing Speed

The best golf balls for 100-110 mph swing speed need higher compression to maximize the distance of your shots. Also, you need a performance ball for 110 mph swing speed and a multi-layered ball for 100 mph swing speed. So, let’s read the reviews of the 3 best golf balls under this category without any delay.

TP5 Golf Balls

1. TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls

TaylorMade is known for manufacturing golf balls equipped with new and advanced technology to provide effective golf solutions.

Composed of five layers, the golf ball has increased stiffness at each level. When you hit the ball too hard, it will store the maximum and energy to deliver the desired results.

The golf ball comes with a firm core and HFM mantle layers, making it the best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed. The HFM mantle layer works differently for different swing speeds. If you swing faster, the ball will have an increased jump above the clubface.

With a speed-layer system, the ball will have more speed as you hit it. The new system is equipped with four stiff layers, enabling you to carry farther distance off the tee, improved spin around the greens, and exceptional control over the wind.

The slick cover and the dimple’s low-drag design allow the ball to pierce through the wind and land softly on the greens. With Tri-Fast core technology, the ball offers you low drag and increase distance in windy conditions. 


  • Five Layer construction with advanced HFM mantle stiffness
  • Soft and durable urethane cover
  • Tri-Fast Core provides high swing speed to travel maximum distance
  • 332 dimple pattern to fly straight through the winds

More Details About TaylorMade TP5x

TaylorMade TP5x offers a higher compression at 97, making it great for above-average swing speed players. Additionally, the golf ball boasts a Dual Spin cover system.

Equipped with a soft and tough cast urethane cover, it makes the ball highly durable while offering an extremely soft feel to the green from the tee.


  • Exceptional control in greenside spin and windy condition
  • Speed layer system increase stiffness and increase ball speed
  • Highly durable dual-spin cover


  • Not suitable for below-average swing speed because of high compression

The TaylorMade TP5x is designed to enhance the distance. The distance is because of optimized spin rates, less drag on a flight, high ball speeds, and maximum carry distance.

The thicker core of TP5x offers a greater coverage area. The more mass the ball has, the more is the inertia. As a result, the ball will cover more distance before stopping.

Should You Buy It?

With TP5x, you can cover around 290 yards of distance, which is quite impressive. When it comes to high-quality ball, TaylorMade’s golf balls can never disappoint you. Available at a reasonable price, it’s time to take your game to the next level with a TP5x golf ball.

Check TaylorMade TP5x Price On Amazon

2. Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Balls

If you have been playing golf for a long time, you must have heard of Bridgestone. Bridgestone is a very reputable brand in the golf ball industry. If you haven’t, then the famous golf player Tiger Woods must have ringed the bell. Mr. Woods has played with these balls.

The ball is ideally designed for lesser handicapped golf players. Now, you can identify why Tiger Wood has selected these balls to play with. Furthermore, the balls offer a softer feel around the greens.

The most interesting feature of the golf ball is its Gradational firmness core. The core distributes the speed of the ball on opening, which results in maximum distance and coverage. Due to the low compression rating at 75, the model is ideal for achieving the distance you want.

The golf ball also comes with exceptional aerodynamics. With double dimple technology, the ball has less drag and maximum flight. The dimple is slicked within the material form, which reduces the pulling upon flight. Thus, the ball will take a greater flight through the air quickly.


  • Gradational firmness core offer enhanced distance and forgiveness
  • Double dimple technology for smoothness and further distance
  • Seamless Cover Technology offers consistency in ball flight
  • SlipRes urethane cover offer sufficient spin

More About Bridgestone Tour B XS

The urethane cover comes with advanced SlipRes technology. Being Bridgestone’s copyright technology, the cover performs multiple functions.

First, it makes the ball highly durable and long-lasting. And second, it provides the golf players with power and sense around the green courses.

Besides, the seamless cover technology has made it possible to improve the balance of the golf ball. With this feature, you have more power, consistency, and precision.


  • Long-lasting and durable urethane cover
  • Premium quality seamless cover technology for consistent flight
  • Offering piercing flight through the wind


  • Soft cover can easily get scuffed

The low compression makes the ball relatively forgiving. The highlight of the ball is its ability to generate amazing spins and grab along the greens. If you want your golf ball to provide you the spin to control and maximize distance, this is your best deal.

Should You Buy It?

Undoubtedly, the Bridgestone B XS Golf fall is the best golf ball for 85 to 100 swing speed. The exceptional distance arrangement and precision are what most golf players want in their golf balls.

Moreover, even Tiger Woods has appreciated the ball, which makes it a sole reason to purchase it.

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3. Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

Enjoy the superior performance with a high trajectory, longer distance, and low long game spin with Titleist Pro V1x golf balls. The ball is made for faster swings. That’s why it is placed under the category of the best golf ball for 100-110 mph swing speed.  

The firm golf ball is quite beneficial for high swing speed golfers. The soft and firmer feel provides better stopping power and greenside spin. It helps to enhance the overall confidence of the golfers.

The control over a short game is another excellent quality of the golf ball. With the upgraded version, Pro V1x offers short game control due to new cover technology.

Furthermore, the ball provides exceptional consistency for long-distance plays. With fewer spins, you will have a longer range and higher trajectory.

The golf balls with high compression require more control for spin and distance. The Pro V1x offers a high launch angle. The steep attack of the ball offers consistent flight while covering the maximum distance.


  • Urethane elastomer cover for long-lasting durability
  • High trajectory offer consistency in the flight
  • Incredible driving distance with all-round performance ball
  • Produces a sublime sound

More Details About Pro V1x

The newest version comes with a thinner urethane cover but still offers a maximum spin on the ball. If you play with short irons, the shots will stop quickly because of the backspin. Also, the ball bend easily compared to other high swing speed golf balls.


  • Higher launch and great coverage
  • Incredible performance in the windy weather conditions
  • A great option for a greenside spin


  • Excessive spin can be an issue with longer clubs

Offering plenty of natural backspin, the Pro V1x is the best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed. In addition to the firmness and softness, the ball offers excellent driving distance. The 348 tetrahedral dimple design furthers the distance while maintaining feel and control.  

Should You Buy It?

The high-quality and advanced quality of the balls made it the most favorable choice among professionals. It offers amazing game control, greater and competitive distance, and classic spin and swoosh. And the positive customer reviews and ratings make Pro V1x the best buy.

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Best Golf Ball for 90-95 mph Swing Speed

The best golf balls for 90-95 mph swing speed offer maximum distance without putting additional effort into the ball. The 90-95 mph swing level offers a mid-range swing speed. Below, you will find the 3 best golf balls for 90 95 mph swing speed to improve your overall distance and gain excellent aerodynamics.

Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

1. Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls are not just any golf ball. It is designed as a modern Tour Ball to provide an increased distance for experienced players. The high-speed core design is what enables golfers to reach the maximum distance from the bag.

What is so special about this ball?

The ball comes with a high-speed dual mantle system for heightened ball speed. The core, along with the mantle system, provides the highest speed and resilience. The whole system is designed to provide the maximum distance to the golfers.

As the name suggests, the ball is soft with its super soft cover. The cover offers a comfortable and smooth feel while controlling the spins.

That’s why it is the best golf ball for 95 100 mph swing speed for high wing speed golfers. The high wing speed golfer can control the spin with ultimate precision. 

The hexagonal arrangement of the dimple pattern lets your ball fly through the wind. Thus, it makes the ball best for a windy day. The flight does not get affected by the gusty wind. Besides, you will get a consistent flight pattern with every ball.


  • Longest and advanced tour ball for ultimate control and feel
  • Four-piece design to enhance the control
  • 332 dimple pattern for excellent coverage
  • Optimized Aero design provides stable and longer flight

More Details About Chrome Soft X

The 2020 Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball comes with a thinner urethane cover. The thinner cover material allows exceptional spin control and promotes ball speed.

Also, you will have utmost control and high spin around the greens. Don’t forget to learn about Chrome Soft vs Supersoft.


  • The hard core provides greater flight and stability
  • Durable and thinner urethane cover
  • Dimple pattern help to control the ball during wind movements


  • Can feel hard off the face with shorter irons

Callaway admits that Chrome Soft X is the most advanced and fastest ball that they have ever designed. It delivers amazing distances for players who want to improve their game to the top level.

All the features combined together, the ball will provide the optimum distance and control on the greens.

Should You Buy It?

From quality to the build, everything enhances the speed and spin of the ball. Furthermore, the balls are available in Truvis and Triple Track designs.

You can even choose from different colors like yellow, white and black as per your choice.

Check Chrome Soft X Price On Amazon

2. Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Ball

Wilson is a well-known brand for manufacturing tennis balls. Now, the brand is being recognized as a first-class producer of golf balls. The bullet-like high-speed balls have an advanced titanium construction. It provides excellent energy transfer.

The ball is great for slow to mid-range swing speeds. Most golf players come in this range, making it more appealing to the players. This two-piece golf ball has a low dimple count. This gives the ball a better aerodynamic feel off the club. 

Comes with low compression at 29, the ball is great for distance shots. It is difficult to find such compression in two-piece golf ball construction. Besides, 302 dimples make sure the ball gains better aerodynamics. It has a huge impact on the overall flight.

The ball is constructed with an ionomer blend that offers a great distance off the tee. While generating less spin, the ball will have straight shots compared to most golf balls.


  • Two-piece construction
  • Low compression at 29 for better feel on the greens
  • Lower driver spin rate for straight flight
  • Improved dimple pattern for better aerodynamic flight

More Details About Wilson Staff Duo Soft

The Wilson Staff DUO ball boasts VelocitiCOR to provide efficient and powerful performance. The ball’s core used advanced material to enhance the power generated from your swing for greater distance.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Highly durable Surlyn Coating
  • Remoteness capacities


  • Ionomer coating can feel hard for many beginner players

The ball ensures to deliver maximum distance and muzzle velocity as you throw it in the air. Also, the balls move on the greens, making them perfect for long distances.

Anyone from beginner to advance golf players can achieve longer shots with the ball. If you are looking for the best golf ball for 90 mph swing speed, this is your best deal.  

Should You Buy It?

The performance of the ball will not disappoint you as it was awarded the Golf digest Hot List Gold Award in 2019. Comes at a reasonable price, the ball is available in multiple colors.

Its advanced material construction to performance offers everything that a golfer requires in a golf ball.

Check Wilson Staff DUO Price On Amazon

3. Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls

Your golf ball should help to improve the overall ball control, accuracy, speed, and distance. Then, you should definitely give Bridgestone Tour B RX a try.

The balls are designed to enhance your fame facets and offer much greater forgiveness. As a result, you will have a better and consistent feel.

Comes in a pack of 12 balls; each ball is lightweight and equipped with a top-quality gradational core. The core reduces the lower sidespin, increases the initial ball speed, and adds distance as you play.

Besides, the Dual dimple technology increases the ball trajectory while reducing the drag. Combining the design and intuitive technology, the player will achieve consistent flight and performance all the time.


  • Gradational compression core for added distance
  • Comes in a pack of 12 golf balls
  • Dual Dimple technology for straight flight
  • Softer Urethane cover for long-lasting durability

More Details About Bridgestone Tour B RX

With REACTIV cover, you can enjoy exceptional control and feel. The REACTIV cover is also known as an impact modifier. Why? Because it provides reduced spins on longer shots while adding more spins on the greens.


  • Exceptional ball control
  • Increased aerodynamics
  • Reduced driver spin for straight tee shots


  • Some users find the ball harder

To summarize, the Bridgestone 2020 B RX is equipped with advanced technology to provide the results that every golfer desires. The REACTIV technology allows you to land the ball in small spaces without additional effort.

Should You Buy It?

Offering tour quality, the ball is excellent for golfers looking for tour-like performance. The ball is also proved to be a perfect match for slower swing golf players. Thus, it makes the best Golf ball for 90 95 mph swing speed.

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Best Golf Ball for 80-85 mph Swing Speed 2021

The slow swing speed golfers should look for golf balls with a 70-80 compression rating. At such compression, the ball tends to go a farther distance and have an improved feel. Read along to find the best golf balls for 80-85 mph swing speed below.

Wilson Staff DUO Professional Golf Balls

1. TaylorMade Project a Golf Balls

With great distance, low spin, and low price, the TaylorMade Project a Golf Ball is made for low-medium swing speed players. The golf ball generally targets the average and beginner players who want to play with the top golf ball brand.

The ball offers great compression with medium and slow swing speeds. As soon as the clubface strikes the ball, the core jumps off straight. Thus, beginner and average golfers can achieve a greater distance.

The 3-piece construction is comprised of an LDP 322 seamless dimple pattern and Dual-Distance core. Combining all the technologies, the ball provides you with a long iron distance and increase driver. Also, it helps to maintain an exceptional greenside feel and control. 


  • 322 dimple design patterns
  • Offer tour-level greenside spin
  • Three-piece construction
  • Low drag for more speed and distance

More Details About Project a

The seamless 322 dimple patterns offer increased distance with better aerodynamics. The ball will have less drag and more speed, which means more distance.

Besides, the dual-distance core will eliminate any unwanted spin to offer an excellent feel. And, the soft cast urethane cover help create improved greenside spin.


  • Highly affordable price
  • Offer increased greenside spin
  • Available in two color options


  • Some users found durability issues after some time

Golfers do prefer a softer feel. Why? This is because it feels satisfying off the wedge face and boost confidence during chipping. Many golf balls that come at this price range cannot provide such a softer feel. That’s why it is one exceptional golf ball. 

Should You Buy It?

The TaylorMade Project a Golf Balls offer everything that beginner and average golf plays require. From a soft feel to a great distance, the balls have stood out at every expectation. Also, the price is quite affordable compared to most premium balls.

Check Project a Price On Amazon

2. Wilson Staff DUO Professional Golf Balls

Now enjoy extra distance with the softest golf ball in the world, Wilson Staff Duo. With an extremely low compression rate of 60, the ball is made for beginners and average players. The ball’s core is at least three percent larger compared to regular balls.

The urethane ball offers a lower substance but improves trajectory and accuracy. The ultra-thin layer around the ball provides better aerodynamics. That means the ball will not pull away in windy conditions.

In comparison to Duo Urethane, the ball offers six percent more spin from the irons. Besides, the three-piece construction of the ball flies long and straighter through the air.


  • Low compression rate of 60
  • Ultra-thin cast urethane cover for straight flights
  • 362 dimple patterns for increased trajectory and distance
  • Great for golfers with 80-85 swing speed

More About Wilson Staff DUO

Equipped with a cast urethane cover, the ball provides maximum greenside spin and scruff resistance.

Also, it has a mid-range hard ionomer mantle for control and short spin on wedge shots and short irons. Moreover, the low compression core offers an amazingly soft feel.


  • Penetrating ball flight
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Offers great distance


  • Might drift in high winds

The Wilson Staff Duo is made to improve the distance. The ball has proved to be the best for slower swing speeds and particularly the driver. Moreover, it takes a straight flight, which increases more distance.

Should You Buy It?

The Wilson Duo Staff won a silver media in 2013 in Golf Digest Hot List Testing. The ball jumps off the face of the club effortlessly and provides a much better distance from the tee.

All in all, the ball offers an exceptional combination of feel and distance. At such a budget-friendly price, you won’t find any other best golf ball for 85 mph swing speed.

Check Wilson Staff DUO Price On Amazon

3. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Another best rated golf balls for 85 mph swing speed is none other than Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls. Designed for average swing speed players, the ball offers incredible control, distance, and feel.

The 2-piece construction ball comes with a 60 compression rating. It can produce more medium swings, which is suitable for average and beginner golfers. With low compression, you can increase the moment of inertia and increase mishits accuracy.

The ball’s core comes with a 344 dimple ionomer cover. It has an enhanced lift force patterns to provide larger coverage of the surface. It also reduces the drag to enhance the speed of the ball.


  • Best for short game control
  • Ideal for low-mid swing speeds
  • Soft and thin cover for an improved greenside spin
  • 338 dimple patterns for accurate shots through the winds

More Details About Srixon Soft

The ball’s low spin from the driver lets you achieve an exceptionally soft feel, stability, and of course, distance. With greater aerodynamics, the golfers can swing less than 90 mph swing speeds.


  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Offers extreme consistency
  • Low spin for straight and long shots


  • Does not stop quickly on the greens

Srixon Soft Feel Golf ball is the best golf ball for 85 mph swing speed. If you don’t like your golf ball to have plenty of spins and is not forgiving, this is perfect for you. The balls offer great distance control and provide a better feel on impact.

Should You Buy It?

The low compression of Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls eliminates chances of mishits. In fact, the combination of high launch and low spin allows you to have precise shots. Moreover, it is available in two color variations, making it a great purchase.

Check Srixon Soft Feel Price On Amazon

Best Golf Balls for 85 to 110 mph Swing Speed: Buyer’s Guide

How do you select the best golf ball for 85 to 100 mph swing speed? For that, you need to consider few essential factors. By doing so, you will find the best golf to achieve the maximum ball speed and distance.

Best Golf Ball for 85 to 110 mph Swing Speed


Aerodynamics helps the ball to goes through the air. When you hit the ball with your club, the ball has to deal with the air pressure. The dimple depth and design influence the speed, distance, and flight path of the ball.

Therefore, you should look out for the dimple design and how it improves the performance through the air.


Every golfer requires some amount of forgiveness in the ball. The feature helps to make corrections in your shots. You know that all your shots are not going to make it to the club-head center. Hence, it is essential to understand the process of energy transfer in the ball.

The forgiveness will enable the ball to launch somewhat off-center. However, you should know that balls with exceptional speed from the innermost core are not that forgiving.


The golf ball’s spin affects the overall performance of the game. If your ball has low spins, that means it will give you more distance. The velocity is transferred from your club to the ball, which provides you more distance.

On the greens, you would need more spins. You don’t require straight shots on the greens because the holes are located at a particular angle from your location. If the ball spins, you can easily get it inside the hole.

Best Golf Balls for 85 mph to 100 mph Swing Speed: FAQs

It’s challenging and overwhelming to find the best golf ball for 85 to 100 mph swing speed. There must be certain doubts and questions in your mind. Let’s clear it out in this section.

✅ Is 110 mph swing speed good?

Yes, 110 mph swing is an above-average swing speed. Your swing speed will dictate your ball speed. That way, you can maximize the ball speed by consistently contacting the clubface center.

✅ What is the best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed?

TaylorMade TP5x is the best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed. The ball offers a firmer and soft feel to give you the desired distance off the tee. Thus, you will get improved speed and distance.

✅ Does my swing speed matter when choosing a golf ball?

Golf balls are generally designed keeping in mind swing speed, distance, and spin rate. When you know your swing speed, you can select the best golf ball to improve your game.

It is best that you pick a suitable compression rating that matches your swing speed. Lower compression means slower swing speed and more distance.


The golf balls you choose depend entirely on your swing speed and personal preference. However, we recommend TaylorMade TP5x as the best golf ball for 100 to 110 mph swing speed. The gradational core and five layers offer unbelievable speed and distance.

Who says low compression golf balls cannot provide great distance. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls performs exceptionally well in delivering great distance. Also, it is the most affordable option for you.

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