Golf GPS vs Laser Rangefinder: What Should I Choose?

If you’re searching for gadgets to help you golf better, you’re looking at the two, A Golf GPS and a Rangefinder.

The major argument comes when such devices are used. Which one do you need to buy? It all depends on the features that work best for your golfing needs.

Get along reading this article! This way, you’ll be able to improve your golf game and put an end to the debate.

What Should I Choose a GPS or a Rangefinder?

Who has never faltered between two clubs to make it on the Green? 

Nothing surpasses a GPS watch or a golf rangefinder for determining which club to use it on. This is for every stroke! 

First, comprehend the contrasts between a GPS watch and a reach locater. Then, select the components that will assist you with picking the best rangefinder and GPS watch for your requirements.

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Laser rangefinder vs. GPS: Basic Distinction 

  • Golf GPS: This gadget is extremely helpful. It gives you a detailed guide of the course you are playing on. It also shows a complete with water dangers, dugouts, and trees. It can dissect your shots throughout the course. A GPS will give a measurable following of your hitting the fairway progress.
  • Laser Rangefinder: A rangefinder is one of the most exact and simplest of gadgets to use on the course.  With this, you will have your object right in sight. Initially, a rangefinder will disclose to you the distance and slope between you and any object. Keep in mind that some specific climate conditions can hinder the rangefinder’s precision.

Golf GPS vs Laser Rangefinder

You have to know that both the gadgets are equally convenient; however, their exactness and utilization may differ based on your game. One vital difference is the innovation behind them. 

But what are the major distinctions between golf GPS and laser rangefinder?

Read below to compare Laser rangefinder vs. GPS:

The Golf GPS

Golf GPS gadgets are just like GPS watches and handheld GPS gadgets. They utilize a similar innovation that could you help up your game.

It is a worldwide framework that requires an Internet connection with an update. You would need to refresh your gadget now and again, however. This is as you move from one spot to another.  You will certainly not find this in a rangefinder. 

Golf GPS

Such elements might be a little irritating for you if you travel a ton and play on various fairways. However, once you get used to it, you’ll get the hang of a GPS. 

The one essential goal is to give geolocation and time data. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can get one! 

Now that you know it’s working let’s look at some merits and demerits of the gadget.


  • A Gold GPS is alluring to most golf players because of the wide exhibit of structures it can take
  • A well-made GPS device will give the most data to golf players to enhance your game 
  • It will give you the distance to said dugouts and water perils. It will likewise show you perils that aren’t noticeable to the unaided eye 
  • There is data about the state and size of the golf course if you wish to see the same 
  • Some of them come with a lot of pre-set courses to view in an instant 


  • Precision in GPS devices is a bit of a drawback for most golfers
Garmin Approach S10


A GPS will show you the distance on its screen, which may not be precise. That will surely help you as though you had your very own caddie, though. It’s why most golfers pick the device in the first place. 

Your GPS watch will incorporate distances to the front, back, and focus of the Green. It might additionally incorporate yardages to risks and doglegs. 


A well-made GPS watch offers touch to target distance data. That is a feature you’re going for. It permits you to press a specific area on the screen, and it will rapidly compute a distance to that point. 

This feature is really useful, assuming you need to check distances physically. You would need it for a layup zone or to view a particular dugout. It’ll help you stay away from objects you don’t need in your way. 

Shot Tracking

Looking to track your shot? This is a feature you can easily access if you click on your GPS device. It distinguishes it from a rangefinder. It will permit you to follow the distance of that particular golf shot, cool, right?

If you click on start on the watch and stop after your shot, it’ll measure the distance in an instant. Then, at that point, you’d drive to your golf ball.

Course Pre-Sets 

Do you remember a time where golf watches had to be connected to our PC? Not anymore. 

Now you instantly download arrangements of greens with a GPS watch. However, most of them today observe courses with their pre-stacked greens from around the world. It is one reason; you need to get one!

Of course, most of the maps will refresh only with a Wi-Fi connection. The others will auto-update all alone without the need for an internet connection.

A Great Golf GPS to Purchase: Garmin Approach S10

This Golf GPS is among the editor’s choices. It is really basic and simple to utilize on the course. 

It is lightweight for you to carry around anytime and is okay with a high-goal and sunlight. It has an intelligible showcase.

This GPS gives yardages to the front, back, and center of the Green, just as Hazards and doglegs. It has more than 41,000 preloaded courses around the world. 

Now you can keep track of who’s winning on the watch and have a synopsis of your round! This is all-out distance played an all-out time.

Golf Laser Rangefinder

If you own a pair of binoculars, you’d be better at understanding a rangefinder. The two are very similar in nature. It will help guide you with the distance between point A and point B.

Golf Laser Rangefinder

A rangefinder used an amazing laser shaft innovation that is very different from a GPS. That lets it give you results with more precision. 

It also has a couple of different advances like incline, pin-chasing, amplification, auto-target procurement. 

Present-day rangefinders are fit for recommending the best club to you for covering the critical distance. Consider the slope and wind bearing, though. Note that this device is seen as illicit in aggressive games.

If you’re a beginner, this is your best friend! With a wide set of rangefinders, you can pick one that suits your style.


  • Rangefinders are the best way to target your shots the easy way 
  • The best part is that you do not have to be tech-savvy to be able to use a rangefinder 
  • Buying a rangefinder means having an effective target locating and locking function 
  • You’ll be able to zero in on your targets in no time. Range finders are compact and great to carry around anywhere 


  • Rangefinders are a little on the pricey side, as compared to a Golf GPS
Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder

The Slope 

The slope is kind of what golfers normally look at in a distance gadget. The one on a rangefinder will help to determine specific yardage. You will need it at some point because it shows an increased difference between the hole and fairway.  

Any golfer that has been around for a long time will tell you this feature is something you’d need. For them, it’s mostly about hits within one fifty yards because of the exactness of the display. 

It is one savvy gadget to obtain the most accurate info for shooting your next shot! 

To Be Accurate 

When you buy a rangefinder, you’ll expect a very precise reading for sure.  Poor rangefinders that give loose yardages may disappoint you. However, buying a quality rangefinder will help you get the exact reading.  

It’ll also help you calculate the right distance with exact estimations inside a yard from the object. 

You can test it regularly to ensure that the results are accurate and they won’t disappoint. 

The Optics

When you get a rangefinder, you will notice that they have excellent optical focus points. That is what you’ll be looking at to figure out your targets and distances.

The standout point is that they have up to six times intensification. It certainly is a point to consider! You can tell how close to the goal you are. 

Most retailers valued for their price will allow you to reach over a thousand meters. At about four hundred yards, you will be able to reach the flag.

The Battery Life

Picking a rangefinder means you can have one that uses batteries or cells. They’re accessible and can be bought at any store. 

The best part about them is that they do die soon. You can use them for a long period of time on the course and not worry at all. 

The Scan Speed

Scan speed is the time to grab a target for the game rangefinder. The finer the rangefinder, the sooner the target is usually discovered due to its rapidity. This feature is one you need to keep an eye out for. 

You may certainly plan to keep your rangefinder trigger or click for nearly 10 seconds. It’s for the device to select the target zone.

A Great Rangefinder to Purchase: Callaway 300 Pro Laser

This is a great rangefinder for the energetic golf player. Even if you’re an amateur golf player and chasing devotee like common, this is for you. 

It gives a 6x Clear amplification makes it very well may be utilized for single-tube optics for youngsters. 

Extraordinary exactness, numerous and fascinating capacities make this rangefinder more significant than any other time.

Side by Side Comparison

Number of Courses
Ease of Use
Battery Life
Distance Readings

Is a Golf GPS Best for Me?

You can have two types of Golf GPS. There’s the essential front-center back watch, and there’s the full-opening handheld gadget or cell phone application. Both come packed with features you’ll love! 

If it’s a course you know well and play regularly, a GPS watch giving front-center back distances will do fine. It will not be a lot of help on a bumpy course, yet nearby information is forever your companion. 

Assuming that is all the information you need, you will not be shackled with additional detail.

If you’re the kind of golf player who needs more data or voyages as often, the second option will be the best for you. 

Is a Rangefinder Best for Me?

A rangefinder has so many features to enjoy; you would probably end up buying it right away! Many people use rangefinders solely for approach shots because you tend to see the pin. 

The lasers share innovation with rifle scopes, so obviously, you can’t shoot what you can’t see. 

For a visually impaired uphill shot, you need to move to higher ground to visualize your object. The laser precision will help you get the right estimate. 

You can likewise try shooting the distance to a fairway shelter or the trees toward the finish of a dogleg. 

Ensure you lock onto the correct thing. Often, it turns out great! 

How Do Golf GPS Watches Work?

All you need to start with is your two hands. Then, simply glance through the eyepiece to a particular spot on the fairway or Green. You can then press a catch at that point. The laser will decide the distance to your goal. 

An ordinary GPS will help you with the definite area because of its innovation. 

As per Golf GPS Authority, GPS was a cutting-edge innovation originally utilized by the military. However, it has since been opened to people in general. 

How it functions is numerous GPS satellites are circling the Earth. The GPS golf watch is intended to stick to your careful area by giving off signals. These signals are caught by the GPS satellites to find you on the Green.

Information is moved back to the GPS watch and recalculated to show your accurate area. 

Then, at that point, you will instruct the watch about where you need to hit the ball. You can do this by tapping an area on the screen, and it rapidly computes a distance to that point. 

However, they will provide auto figure yardages to the Green, with most watches offering three distances; back, front, and focus of the Green. 

Some watches additionally offer distances to perils and doglegs.

How Do Golf Rangefinders Work?

The Laser Rangefinder utilizes a laser shaft focused on the objective to decide its distance. A laser is radiated to the objective, like the pin, and reflects the rangefinder.

The time it takes the laser to reflect the gadget is utilized to compute the distance. 

Some laser rangefinders have an inclinometer inside. It is something that can decide the slope of your objective region. 

The separation from the reflection level dictates the incline after getting back to the gadget. 

Another element some have is a Pin Seeker capacity which permits the gadget to zero in on the pin and not found objects. Many are furnished with up to multiple times amplification focal points to support the golf players focusing with the laser rangefinder.

Should I Purchase Both: a GPS and a Laser?

You might keep thinking about whether purchasing both would help their golf match-up significantly. Or would it be better to get just one?

Truth be told, there truly isn’t a unique point in purchasing the two items. 

If you feel like you have the budget for both, go ahead and get them!

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Even though they are unique, they produce a similar outcome essentially. The two items simply have their own advantages contrasted with the other. 

It isn’t recommended to purchase both by and large. However, if you feel like both are distinctive enough for different games, then why not.

1. What is the best golf GPS watch?

Try not to allow the cost to trick you! Garmin’s Lightweight GPS Golf Watch is a profoundly valuable gadget.

For added accommodation, it keeps track of who’s winning. Toward the finish of your round, it gives an outline of your round showing the total distance played. It also shows your all-out time and score.

What’s more, as an astoundingly agreeable ordinary watch, it shows the current time and date in addition to dawn and dusk times.

2. How do I turn off my GPS?

Turning off a GPS watch is not complicated at all. You can switch it off in two steps.

Hold the force key until a brief shows up on the screen to wind down the gadget totally. Then all you need to do is select the Off key.

3. Does GPS work without internet access?

A GPS administration won’t work without the web. However, the GPS radio can, in any case, be identified through satellites. It is for those events where you don’t approach information.

You can save courses offline to view with some, but it may not be 100% accurate.

Summing Up

If you’d like to play much better golf, two things must be mastered: the direction and the distance. That is possible with a Golf GPS or Rangefinder.

Eventually, the choice between a GPS unit and a laser rangefinder boils down to individual inclinations. 

Do you like point-by-point data gave on a huge GPS screen? Is a rangefinder’s dead-amazing precision worth the time?

Notwithstanding which gadget you feel is best for your game, one sure thing is that the present golf innovation will help your course. It’ll also help you gain crucial scores when utilized on the correct occasions.

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