Best Rangefinders for Golf and Hunting (Long Range 500-1000+ YD, Shooting)

Have you ever wondered why professional golfers are very good at taking accurate shots when they are out on the golf course? Many people think that it’s down to superhuman accuracy, but that isn’t always the case. Most pro golfers rely on the best rangefinders for golf and hunting.

You may be surprised to find two different outdoor activities in the same sentence and a single device used for two different purposes, but it is true. There are rangefinders that will work well on a golf course as much as they will do in the wild when hunting game.

You see, golf rangefinders help golfers estimate the distance and accuracy of their shots. With guaranteed accuracy, they are able to improve their game since they will know just how hard they must hit the ball for it to reach the hole.

If you have not been using a rangefinder before now, we have to say that you are missing a lot. Spending a couple of bucks on the best rangefinder for 1000 yards is a worthy investment that you will not regret.

They are accurate, and many of them use GPS trackers and satellites to calculate the distance between your position and your target. This is another benefit of using a rangefinder.

6 Best Rangefinders for Golf and Hunting in 2022

Whether you are a golf novice or a pro or you regularly hunt game in the wild, the best rangefinder for golf and hunting will serve you well.

If professionals use rangefinders to improve their game, why shouldn’t you? Quit the guesswork and use one of the best rangefinders for long-range shooting like TecTecTec High Precision Rangefinder.

Best Rangefinders for Golf and Hunting

In our review below, check out 6 of the best rangefinders for golf and hunting. We have provided an in-depth analysis of all their features; however, the final choice on which one to go for will be yours.

Let’s dive right in.

1. TecTecTec VPRO500 Rangefinder: Best for Golfer

TecTecTec VPRO500 is a golf rangefinder with a high precision focus that can scan up to 540 yards and beyond from your vantage position. The product comes with binoculars, a pin sensor, and a service battery. This premium laser focus uses advanced Pinsensor technology to track distance

If you want a long-range rangefinder that can serve you well in the wild and on the golf course, you can’t go wrong with TecTecTec VPRO500. It is made with durable parts and covered with a water-resistant exterior. So no matter the weather, it remains uncompromised.

There is so much to like about this best rangefinder for long-range shooting when you begin to reviewer each feature in detail. For starters, the enhanced Pinsensor technology provides you with fast and accurate measurements.

In addition to that, the integrated technology measures overlapping objects while giving your continuous readings. Interestingly, this golf rangefinder delivers the same inch-perfect accuracy over Greenlands and wooded areas.

Then when it comes to its weight, we find TecTecTec to be quite handy. Measuring 4.09 x 2.83 x 1.62 inches and weighing just 6.52oz, this is one of the lightest rangefinders you will ever find.

Due to its portability and lightweight, you can use it for extended periods without suffering hand fatigue, as is common with other heavyweight rangefinders. TecTecTec gives you clear vision via multi-layered optics that is easy to read. The images it projects are clear, sharp, and eye-safe. 


  • Sold with necessary accessories
  • Ultra-clear imagery
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate core distance measurement
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Not very clear under poor natural light conditions
  • Lacks a holding strap

TecTecTec is a user-friendly device we class as one of the best rangefinders for golf and hunting. You can use it for as long s you wish without suffering from hand fatigue due to the lightweight.

And more importantly, it is suitable for flatlands and dense woodlands. If you would like to buy TecTecTec VPRO500.

2. Vortex Optics Rangefinders: Best for Accuracy

If you have ever used a laser rangefinder before, you will understand why many prefer them above anything else. Laser rangefinders are known for their accurate measurements, and this Vortex Laser Rangefinder is one of the best rangefinders for long-range shooting.

For golfers who like to know the exact distance of their target before they strike the ball, rangefinders like Vortex Optics are what they rely on. This device can best be described as a gadget that delivers a combination of reliable measurement and crystal clear optics.

Vortex takes the guesswork out of your game because its features do all the work. All you just have to do is hold the binoculars close to your eye to see your way through. It features an intuitive angle platform that covers a wide distance.

Also, you can range targets from several yards out without stress, and you can also stretch the range for a further 1000 yards. This is why we call it one of the best rangefinders for 1000 yards.

Vortex Optics is also easy to maintain because it works with a CR2 battery that lasts long due to its energy efficiency. It will also interest you to know that should the need arise to replace the battery with a new one, CR2 batteries are very easy to find.

As for the HCD display screen, it displays a compensated angle distance which is ideal for golfers and hunters. The display also has a LOS mode display option for long-distance calculation, increased precision, and high angle shots. So when Vortex Optics corms into play, guesswork ford out the window.

The diopter is located close to the eyepiece and intuitively adjusts to your vision. Furthermore, it has a 6x magnification capacity, so you can zoom images to see your target clearly even if you are far away from it.

Let us also not forget to mention its Out of Sight mode, which is designed for rifle shooters. So, therefore, if you enjoy hunting and time out on the golf course, this is one best rangefinder for golf and hunting you should try out.


  • Wide HCD Display
  • Special Out of Sight LOS feature
  • Great for shooting and golfing


  • The scanning range can be activated without your knowledge

Vortex Optics is an advanced rangefinder for tracking and honing in on moving or static targets. Its multi-coated optics and transmission light on low natural light setting makes it a very effective optical object for outdoor activities like hunting and golfing. Looking to buy Vortex Optics?

3. Halo Laser Rangefinder: Best for Hunting

The key to a successful hunt is knowing where your prey is and how far it is away from you without alerting it in any way. To get your measurement right, you need a device whose accuracy you can trust to the Tee. This is exactly what you get with Halo Range Finder.

If you were to ask us what makes Halo very good hardware, our response would be a lot. Did you know that Halo has three different range optics? There is the 450-yard range, the 600-yard range, and the 700-yard range.

So no matter how far your target is away from you, this tactical tool will give you an accurate reading of your position.

Halo was originally designed for hunting, but its advanced optics have made it a favorite of many golfers. It has laser-angle intelligence, unlike many other rangefinders. By this, we mean that as you begin to move the device to capture your target, the scanner kicks into gear almost immediately.

The maximum reflective range of Halo is 700 yards, and its angle intelligence calculates horizontal distances of targets no matter their elevated position.

Also important to note is that the scan mode allows you to hone in on several targets at different yards without pressing several buttons. With a single click, you can range two or more targets at the same time.

Halo has a durable exterior and a nonslip body.  The package comes with a CR2 battery, lanyard, and a special cloth for cleaning the lens.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Weather-resistant body
  • Calculates distance in meters and yards


  • It takes practice to master the settings

Halo Rangefinder is an ideal device for hunting and for golfing. Its ability to track several moving targets at once makes it a very useful device for ranging moving targets.

However, shooters will derive more satisfaction from Halo than enthusiasts of any other outdoor facility. Halo Rangefinder is available for sale on Amazon.

4. Raythor Pro S2 Laser Rangefinder: Best Overall

What is the best 1000 yard rangefinder? There are many, but one of them just has to be Raythor. This rangefinder offers users the best of both worlds f hunting and golfing. This next-generation device features advanced technology that makes distance calculation a breeze.

It has a physical slope switch, a high flag pole for locking motor vibrations, a scanner that scans continuously, and a rechargeable battery. Raythor laser technology is embedded with the latest technology, making older Raythor models look like relics from the past.

This S2 model has a TAG (Target Acquisition Technology) feature and an ARC (Angle Range Compensation); these features work in perfect harmony to provide the user with clear visuals and distance measurement accuracy. The ARC feature, in particular, is great for professional golfers who prefer to hit accurate balls from long distances.

Raythor S2 has a hard accuracy of +/- 0.1 yard and a range capability of 5-1000 range. Suffice it to say that this device will make target shots of 180 and 300-yard flags look like a breeze.  As for the pulse vibration, it ensures that the TAG technology receives accurate flag yardage from your position or desired location.

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If you spend a long time outdoors, you will also like Raythor’s extended battery life.  The rechargeable battery is strong enough to support 10 round golf games before it runs out. Also, it doesn’t take too long to charge fully.


  • Energy efficient
  • Accessories included
  • Sold with a 2-year warranty
  • Continuous scanning feature
  • In-built slope technology


  • Quite expensive
  • A little weighty

Raythor is an efficient device and one of the best rangefinders for an accurate shot. It is fast scanning of 2.8 seconds is commendable, and so is the 25mm lens.

The on and off-slope technology gives the device more flexibility, so you have the freedom to decide whether to turn the slope function on or off.

Raythor S2 Rangefinder is available on Amazon.

5. Vortex Optics Ranger Rangefinder: Accurate

Every hunter wants to be able to shoot prey at a distance without any error of judgment whatsoever as regards distance calculation. To help hunters raise their game by several notches, we decided to include this best rangefinder for long-distance shooting on our list.

Make no mistake, guys, Vortex Optics is every hunter’s delight. Whether you like to hunt in flatlands, hills, valleys, or dense forests doesn’t matter. Vortex Laser Rangefinder will provide you with accurate data to take the right shot, not sometimes, but every time.

It has a clear and highly intuitive display that is easy to read. Rather than complicate things, Vortex will give you simplistic data that you can interpret on a wimp. The Primary Horizontal Component Display will show you images in an angle compensated mode. It has a setting with three reticle brightness to match natural light conditions wherever you are.

As for the scan mode, it provides a speedy reading of the landscape in front of you, especially when you need to hone in on moving targets. To improve your user experience, the manufacturer also fitted a utility clip so you can secure it to your belt when it is temporarily not in use.

This right here is definitely one of the best rangefinders for golf and hunting for its 1800 yard coverage. It is an ideal device for hunters, shooters, golfers, and bowhunters. 


  • User friendly
  • Ergonomic design
  • HD menu


  • It may not be ideal for up range targets

Vortex is the perfect rangefinder for shooters and golfers. It is easy on the hand and light on the eye. Its triple light setting makes it ideal under poor light conditions. Furthermore, it has a waterproof body so you can use it even under wet conditions without a care in the world.

You can buy Vortex Optics Ranger Rangefinder on Amazon.

6. Blue Tees S2 Pro Rangefinder: Easy to Use!

The best rangefinder for 500 yards should not be hard to find if you know what to look for. Are you a professional golfer looking to take your game to the next level? Do you want to take accurate shots by first getting the distance right before you hit the ball? We implore you to check out Blue Tees Series 2.

This best rangefinder for 1000 yards can make you a better player than you already are. It has a Flag Lock with a pulse vibration setting and can magnify images by six times their original resolution. And the images will not blur or distort in any way.

The hardshell case can accommodate the device comfortably, which is far accessory to keep it protected when you are out sweating it out on the golf course. Also included is a microfiber cleaning cloth for cleaning the lens and a CR2 battery for powering the device up.

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Blue Tees features an Arc technology that automatically calculates the exact distance between you and the target. As for the long-range vibration function, it allows the device to accurately pinpoint a target that is 800 yards away with an accuracy of not more than +/- 1 yard.

Another special feature we like is the magnetic holder band that sticks to metal surfaces in a secure grip. 


  • Flexible functions
  • Advanced slope function
  • Rugged exterior


  • Not the best for moving targets

Blue Tees S2 Pro was designed to help golfers take accurate shots from 800 yards out or more. This device is worth its weight in golf for the value it offers. You can buy Blue Tees S2 Pro on Amazon.

Buying Guide: Golf and Hunting Rangefinders

When shopping for the best rangefinders for golf and hunting, you need to be sure of the feature to look out for; otherwise, you may end up with an inferior device or one that is inappropriate for you.

Golf and Hunting Rangefinders

We understand that no two rangefinders are the same. Some are best suited for hunting, others for golf, and a few for both purposes. To help you make the best decision, read our buying guide to know the essential features to look for.


The main reason why you even need the best rangefinder for long-range shooting in the first place is for measurement accuracy. If that is the case, you need to be mindful of the device you buy.

We recommend rangefinders that offer at least an accuracy of +/- 1. However, measurement accuracy is not all though. You also need to be sure that it calculates measurement quickly. The last thing you want is to own a rangefinder that is slow, as that will weaken your game.

Slope Reading

Not everyone wants the best rangefinder for an accurate shot to have a slope reading feature. But if you do, this feature should be taken seriously. A slope reading feature is used to measure elevation changes.

This feature is important for ranging moving targets, so if you are going to use it for hunting, you need this feature more than a user who wants it sorely for golfing.

HCD Screen

You want your rangefinder to have a very good display screen, so we recommend you buy one that has a horizontal angle display. Such displays are easy to read, and they have crystal clear graphics as well.


One very important feature that the best rangefinder for 1000 yards has is the magnification function. As a general rule, we do not recommend anything below 6x. If you can get 7x magnification even better, but you will have to pay more for it. The numeric value simply means the number of times the lens magnifies the image captured.

For instance, if your Rangefinder has 6x magnification, it means it magnifies images 6 times. With proper magnification, you can see images clearly that are hundreds of yards away.

Battery Life

Last but not least is the battery life. You want a rangefinder that will not run out of power when you are only halo through your game or still active in the wild hunting game. So make sure the model you buy has a CR2 battery that can last for at least 8-10 hours when fully charged.

What is the best golf rangefinder?

They will depend on who you ask since we all have our preferences. However, Raythor S2, Blue Tees Pro Series, and TecTecTec are very good golf rangefinders.

Can you use a golf rangefinder for hunting? Why or why not?

Of course, you can. A laser rangefinder can be used for hunting and golfing. Laser rangefinders have incline/decline sloe features that can scan moving targets hundreds of yards away.

How do I choose the best golf rangefinder?

To choose the best golf rangefinder, focus on the accuracy, slope function, battery life, and lens magnification capability.

What is the best golf GPS watch?

There are quite a few of them. Some great examples are Garmin Approach S42, Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch, and Sky Caddie LX5.

What is the best golf laser rangefinder?

Raythor S2 is one of the best laser rangefinders on the market.


There you have it, guys.  A review of the best rangefinders for golf and hunting. What do you think about our selections? Are there any models you feel we should have included in your opinion? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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