7 Best Golf Courses in Cabo San Lucas: Where You’ll Play Like a PRO

Cabo San Lucas is an amazing vacation destination that would mesmerize you. The scenic beauty coupled with the exotic flora, fauna, and sea life will blow your mind.

However, the scenery is not the only thing that you can enjoy there. Cabo is home to some of the best golf courses, both private and public.

If you are a golf lover, it would be a great opportunity to keep in touch with your favorite game. Visit some of the biggest golf courses in Cabo and enjoy your time in this destination.

We have reviewed the top 7 best golf courses in Cabo San Lucas Mexico to make a choice easier for you.

  1. Palmilla Golf Club
  2. Quivira Golf Club
  3. Cabo Del Sol
  4. Querencia Golf Club
  5. Cabo San Lucas Country Club
  6. Diamante Cabo San Lucas
  7. Los Cabos Golf Resort

Best Golf Courses in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2021

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico has some of the best golf courses. Here we have reviews of the top 7 golf courses in Cabo San Lucas. This review will help you decide which golf course would be the most suitable for you.

1. Palmilla Golf Club

Palmilla Golf Club
Photo Credit: Jason Scott Deegan

Palmilla Golf Club is one of the best public golf courses in Cabo San Lucas. There are 27 holes in this golf course. These holes are divided into three courses: the mountain course, ocean course, and arroyo course. Each of these courses has certain challenging holes that professionals would love to hit.

Rental Facility

Palmilla Golf Club offers a rental facility where you can get Callaway club rentals. This rental includes Rogue Irons, Epic Flash Woods, Epic Flash Hybrids, and Odyssey Putter.

This is great for people who are in the destination for a vacation. You can know the rental charges from the website or contact the golf club administration.


Participating in tournaments is an important thing for most golfers. If you want to arrange a tournament for you and your golfer friends, you could contact the golf club.

This can be done throughout the week. The group could be anywhere between 10 and 200. There are several added services, and the club coordinator will provide a general fee structure.

Special Offers

The Palmilla Golf Club offers certain special offers to the golfers. For knowing more about the offer, you will need to fill out the form on their website. The club does not have any private membership. Therefore, the offers are available for everyone who wishes to play on the golf course.

Palmilla Golf Club is a great public golf course for professional players. Since it does not have any membership criteria, anyone can practice their game here.

2. Quivira Golf Club

Quivira Golf Club

Quivira Golf Club is a public and semi-private golf course that offers many interesting benefits to its members. This golf course has one of the breathtaking views in Cabo San Lucas. The golf club has not been established for long but has excelled in its service.

This golf course is spread for about 7085 yards. In 2014, it was awarded the Best New International Golf Course by Golf Magazine.

Stay Packages

For playing at the Quivira Golf Club, you will need to be a resident of the area. You can also be a guest at any Los Cabos’ Pueblo Bonito Resorts.

The golf club provides many stays and plays packages for visitors. There are many different resorts that you can choose from for your stay. While reserving your resort, you will need to book the tee time for your games.

Practice Facilities

At Quivira Golf Club, you will get practice facilities along with playing daily games. These practice facilities are great for people who have a tournament coming up.

You can train yourselves and ensure that you are ready for your big game. These practice sessions will have variable rates. Some of these rates might be different from your regular greens fee.

Tee Time Reservation

Booking your tee time is necessary before your game. Different golf courses have different time frames for reserving a tee time. You need to know what time frame Quivira Golf Club provides to its golfers. Tee time can be booked from the website, which will let you know the time slots available.

Quivira Golf Club is suitable for both public and private parties. If you are a visitor to the area, you can play as a guest. However, residents would benefit from the membership offers.

3. Cabo Del Sol

Cabo Del Sol

Cabo Del Sol is an amazing vacation destination with stunning scenic beauty. The Cabo Del Sol region is known for its luxurious resorts and high-quality golf facilities. This community is spread over 1800 acres and is a great hub for golfers. This public golf course can be used by residents and guests who come to the region.

Golf Courses

The Cabo Del Sol provides two amazing golf courses to its golfers. These are the Cove Club Golf Course and the Desert Curse. The Cove Club Golf was earlier known as the Ocean Course.

Both of these courses provide a thrilling scene that enhances their playing experience. You could choose any of these courses based on their availability.

Golf Instruction

At Cabo Del Sol, you will not only play your game but can also receive instructions. There are LPGA and PGA certified golf professionals on the premises.

These professionals will help you out during your game and provide you with essential tips. You can enhance your game with these professional insights. There are group sessions and one-on-one sessions for this.

Tee Time Reservation

For playing at the Cabo Del Sol, you will need to reserve your tee time. This is because the golf course is mostly busy due to its amazing facility. You can book the tee time on the website and need to make the payment online.

However, you can also book offline by calling the administration of Cabo Del Sol.

Cab Del Sol is more than a golf course where you practice your game. It is surrounded by an amazing scenic beauty that will blow your mind. Additionally, the facilities provided by the golf course are worthwhile.

4. Querencia Golf Club

Querencia Golf Club

Querencia Golf Club is one of the best private golf courses in Cabo San Lucas. This golf course has been consistently present in the top 100 worldwide named Golf Digest. Furthermore, Golfweek Magazine has named this golf course the best golf course in Mexico. Over the years, the golf course has seen many changes to adjust to the advancing systems.

Amazing Greens

The Querencia Golf Club is spread over 300 acres and is an 18-hole par-72 course. This course is quite challenging, even for seasoned players. Professional players will be able to show their skills in this course.

For amateur golfers, this course will be a great place to enhance their skills. Moreover, the amazing view around the greens gives a spectacular feeling.

Tee Time Reservations

Reserving your tee time will ensure that you do not have to wait to play. There are slots available in 12 minutes difference which provides a great experience. This means that you do not have to wait for a long time to get your playtime. Make sure that you reserve the tee times so that there is no waiting time for you. Moreover, there will be no overlaps with other golfers.

Riding the Course

At Querencia Golf Club, you can ride around the course with traditional golf carts or even a GolfBoard. These ride options help you move around the course and reach your designated greens.

With the GolfBoard, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the course as well. These boards will require standing and traveling the course for a better view.

Querencia Golf Club is a private club that offers many interesting offers to its members. If you are a resident of the area, you can become a member and enjoy additional benefits other than playing golf.

5. Cabo San Lucas Country Club

Cabo San Lucas Country Club

Cabo San Lucas Country Club is called the golfer’s paradise since it provides one of the most extraordinary courses. This golf course is surrounded by mountains, deserts, and an amazing sky view. Players ranging from amateurs to professionals can play in this golf course. Not only is this a great place for playing, but it is also perfect for living.

Tee Time Booking

The Cabo San Lucas Country Club is a perfect place for visitors. If you are staying at the country club, you can easily book the tee time according to your convenience. The tee time will help you play at the time that is suitable for you. Moreover, if it is a busy season, booking the tee time will ensure that you do not have to wait for your chance.

Golf Academy

Cabo San Lucas Country Club has a golf academy that provides training to beginner golfers. Golf professionals are present here who will give you the right advice. No matter your age, if you are a beginner, you can sign up for this academy. With the golf academy and the insights provided by the professionals, you can enhance your skills.

Pro shop

At Cabo San Lucas Country Club, you will find a shop that provides different golf outfits. Here you can find colored balls, new gloves, golf shoes, and other golf essentials.

This is great if you do not own golf attire and need it for your next game. This shop is open for both residents and guests who are staying at the country club.

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Cabo San Lucas country club is a visitor’s hub. Every year numerous guests arrive at the country club and book their stay. Playing golf is one of the many facilities that the country club provides.

6. Diamante Cabo San Lucas

Diamante Cabo San Lucas

Diamante Cabo San Lucas is a luxury resort but is not just limited to that. This amazing site is spread over 1.5 miles and provides high-quality service. This site is home to two of the greatest golf courses Tiger Woods and Davis Love III have designed. Some other amazing facilities will make your stay here worthwhile.


The Dunes Course has been designed by Davis Love III, while Tiger Woods has designed the El Cardonal Course. Golf Magazine raked the Dunes Course no.36 in the year 2019. The view around the Dunes course is spectacular, which draws a lot of golfers. Tiger Wood’s El Cardonal course is also a championship course.

Short Course

Both Tiger Woods and Davis Love III have come together to make a short course called the Oasis. This short course is a 12-hole par-3 course that is surrounded by greenery. Both beginners and professionals use the short course for enhancing their game. Beginners can get a better grip of their game using the short course and then proceed to larger courses.

Dunes Putting Course

The Dunes Putting Course is the newest addition to the Diamante Cabo San Lucas. This putting course is located outside of the clubhouse. There are 15 holes in the putting course and are arranged in a continuous loop system. This structure changes every day, which brings fun to the game.

The Diamante Cabo San Lucas has been divided into two courses with different playing experiences. According to your playing style and requirement, you could choose your course for the day.

7. Los Cabos Golf Resort

Los Cabos Golf Resort

The Los Cabos Golf Resort is a great gem of the Los Cabos region. Numerous visitors come to this place and are mesmerized by this. If you are visiting the area, then the Los Cabos Golf Resort will be the perfect place for you to stay. Other than the awesome stay, you will find the Cabo San Lucas Country Club Golf Course.


One of the best publicly playable golf courses in Los Cabos is the Cabo San Lucas Country Club Golf Course. This is an 18-hole golf course that is adorned with amazing flora and fauna. People belonging to different golfing abilities will be able to play well in this field.

Golf Shop

People who are visitors to the area might not always carry their golf attire with them. You can get the right attire for your golf game in the Los Cabos Golf Resort golf shop. Find everything you need for completing your golf gear.

Lesson Programs

The Los Cabos Golf Resort provides lessons programs taken by PGA professionals. Here you can get the right advice needed to enhance your game. The professionals will make sure that beginners can better their game. This lesson program is the perfect opportunity for beginners to level up their game.

Los Cabos Golf Resort is a public golf course where visitors could play without any registration. You will also find a store where the necessary items related to the game are available. People wanting lessons from professionals can find the same.

Best Public Golf Courses in Cabo San Lucas: FAQs

When finding the best golf courses in Cabo San Lucas, you might have certain queries. Below are some frequently asked questions that might tend to certain queries.

✅ How Many Golf Courses in Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas is currently operating 18 courses; however, there are many more on the list. This amazing place has always been famous for being a vacation destination.

With time people have come to know about its equally perfect golf courses. For more than 25 years, Cabo San Lucas has been building itself in terms of golf facilities.

You can find public, semi-private, and private golf courses here. This provides you with several choices to select from. Based on your requirements, you can select any one course from these 18 options. No matter which golf course you choose, you will not be disappointed.

✅ Is It Necessary To Bring My Own Clubs?

Having your own golf clubs will enhance the game since you will be more comfortable. However, people who are on trips or vacations may not always carry their golf clubs.

This should not become an obstruction for playing their favorite game. That is why most golf courses offer rental services for golf clubs.

You should always ask if the golf course gives golf clubs ion rent before arrival. If they do not have such services, then you will need your own golf club.

Moreover, some courses may even have mandatory policies for bringing golf clubs. In such a scenario, you need your own club, buy a new one, or loan it from a friend.

✅ Do I Have To Follow A Dress Code?

Professional golfer follows a certain dress code in a collared shirt, golf shorts, golf slacks, or golf skirts, depending on their gender.

However, if you are on vacation, you will most likely not carry your golf attire with you. In this case, you will need to know what the dress code policy is for your chosen golf course.

If the golf course follows a strict dress code, you need to arrange for the appropriate attire. This might not be possible for many people, and you will have to change your golf course. Many courses do not have any dress code and would allow casual dressing to a certain extent.

✅ What Is The Best Golf Course In Cabo San Lucas?

It is hard pointing out one courses’ name for the best golf courses in Cabo San Lucas. This is because each of the courses has particular specialties. Some courses are private, while others are public or semi-private.

Moreover, some courses might be good for their simple holes, whereas another course can be famous for their challenging holes.

Palmilla Golf Club is one of the best public golf courses in Cabo San Lucas. On the other hand, Querencia Golf Club is one of the best private golf courses in Cabo San Lucas.

This does not mean that the others are not up to the mark. The seven clubs mentioned here, along with the others in Cabo San Lucas, provide exceptional facilities.

✅ What Happens To My Greens Fee If It Rains?

Golf courses will generally update you regarding the weather changes in advance. However, this can only happen if they see any potential change in the weather condition.

Sometimes, you may have booked your course by paying the green fee and then see a change in the weather.

If it starts to rain on your booking day and the course becomes inaccessible, you can carry the fee forward. This means the fee will be used on any other day.

However, many courses are still accessible in light rain. If you have the right rain gear, then you can go ahead with your game.

✅ Will I Get A Golf Cart On Every Golf Course?

Depending on the golf course area and the greens you will be playing, golf carts are provided at the courses. However, this will also depend on the availability of the golf carts. If there is a rush in the course and golf carts are not available, then you might need to walk to your greens.

Single players might often have to share their golf carts with other single golfers. If there is a team of golfers together, the golf course will provide you with golf carts depending on the number of people.

For example, if you are seven people, then you will be given two carts. But you might need to share with a single golfer if required.

✅ Can A Non-Golfer Assist Me To The Golf Course?

Yes, generally, one spectator is allowed with you to the golf course. However, this depends solely on the policy of individual golf courses. Some private golf courses do not allow anyone other than members.

On the other hand, some give permission for family or one spectator along with the golfer.

If you want your spectator to ride along with you in the golf car, you need to know its availability. The person will have to pay an additional fee for riding along with you.

In case of carts are not available, then you might need to walk. The priority will be given to booked golfers and then to the assisting spectators.

✅ How Much Does It Cost To Play Golf In Cabo San Lucas?

The cost of playing the game in Cabo San Lucas will vary according to the golf course you choose. You can check out the websites of the golf clubs to know their rates.

Since the rates change over time, it can be hard to specify a single amount. Moreover, there are certain divisions based on which these rates are decided.

Golf courses may divide the rates based on the time of the day you will play. They can also be divided based on seasons. Moreover, there might be certain special rates for junior and senior players.

These are specified age-wise. It is better to ask the concerned golf courses about their rates to know the exact amount.

✅ Can I Still Play If I Do Not Book Or Miss My Tee Time?

Tee time is a reservation that you make for the first shot timing. This reservation is made so that there is a proper flow between games.

Moreover, there will be no overlapping between golfers, and people will not have to wait. Most golf courses have tee time reservations, and some of them have made this mandatory.

If tee times are not mandatory on any golf course, you can go without booking. However, if the slots are full, then you will need to wait. The same goes for a missed tee time. Only in this case, the course will not refund you the previous tee time fee.

✅ What Is The Difference Between Public And Private Golf Courses?

Public golf courses are those where any non-member can play. You will need to play the greens fee, cart fee, or any other fee specified by the club.

You can choose a time for yourself and arrive according to that. Moreover, you may not come back to the golf course again if you are not playing again.

Private golf courses are those where golfers need to take a membership. Here they pay a monthly or annual membership fee. This is the best thing for frequent golfers who play every day.

Moreover, private members get many benefits that public golfers do not. These benefits may include a reduction in certain fees and others.


You will find some of the best golf courses in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico which will blow your mind. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, these golf courses will be the perfect place to practice your golfing skills.

Even if you are a guest, you will find the perfect place to enjoy some golfing time alone or with your family.

Most of the golf courses mentioned here provide amazing services. However, the Palmilla Golf Club and Querencia Golf Club are probably two of the best golf courses in Cabo that you should try out. Make your time in Cabo San Lucas memorable by spending time doing what you love!

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