15 Best Golf Apps for Your Apple Watch, iPhone, And iPad In 2022

Golf is a sport that requires concentration, skills, and the right equipment. However, with the constant advancement in technology, another important aspect of making your golfing experience worthwhile is choosing the perfect application that helps you determine distances, analyze your shots.

It gives your recommendations and statistics for the shots you have played and how you can improve them.

For all those looking for decent apps to help them enhance their golf skills, we have listed down some of the 15 best golf apps for Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad.

  1. Golf GPS SwingU
  2. GameBook Scorecard & GPS
  3. Hole19 Golf GPS & Scorecard
  4. Golf GPS 18Birdies Scorecard
  5. Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie
  6. GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line
  7. Golf Pad: Golf GPS & Scorecard
  8. Golf Coach by Dr Noel Rousseau
  9. Hudl Technique Golf
  10. Coach’s Eye – Video Analysis
  11. Zepp Golf
  12. The Official Rules of Golf
  13. Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores
  14. PGA TOUR
  15. Golf Digest Magazine

These top-rated, golfer recommended apps have various features and benefits that can help you explore the course you are playing on.

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch Reviews In 2021

Considering the uncountable list of golfing apps available on the App Store, it’s difficult to choose a particular app that fulfills all your golfing requirements. However, we have made it simple for you by short-listing some of the best applications to help golfers.

Choosing the right equipment is surely one of the important aspects which enhances your golfing skill, but with the golf app, you can do it more efficiently and without wasting extra time figuring your way around.

Top 7 Scorecard and Rangefinder Golf Apps

1. Golf GPS SwingU

SwingU is a top-performing, free golf app that works great as a rangefinder and a scorecard. Formerly known by the name SwingxSwing and has more than 5.5 million users from all around the world.

Golf GPS SwingU

This app is considered one of the best golf apps for iOS as well as Android. This application offers two membership types, according to which golfers can avail of the various features it offers. According to golfers, one can easily lean on this app for some great guidance.

Features & Benefits

There is a reason why golfers classify SwingU as one of the best golf apps for Apple Watch and Android. Not only does it promote game improvement, but it offers a wide range of features including Scorecard & Stats, Tips & Lessons, and a lot more.


Some exceptional features offered by SwingU include Shot Tracking & “Smart” Club recommendations, which help you find a club suitable for you according to speed and elevation.

It offers Hole Insights by giving detailed statistics of your shots and comparing them with SwingU golfers for course strategy.

Also, it shows advanced on-the-course games and wagers for you to become a part of. SwingU is easily the best application to help golfers with increasing their golfing skills.


  • Wind Speed & Elevation
  • Digital Scorecard
  • GPS Rangefinder for every course
  • “Zoom-in” distances for greens

2. Golf GameBook Scorecard & GPS

Always carry your digital scorecard on your wrist or in your pocket. Golf GameBook Scorecard & GPS app is what you need to enhance your golfing experience and learn new techniques and tips every time you take a shot.

Golf GameBook Scorecard & GPS

Golf GameBook is considered a staple for golfers, as it is one of the best applications to help golfers with its numerous features and availability in more than 180 countries. GameBook is free to download and use for all the golfers out there.

Features & Benefits

With the Golf GameBook app, you can get a variety of game-improving features that allow you to pre-plan and measure your shots, showing you a list of available golf courses around you along with plenty of other specifications that you would grow to love.


Since the latest update in the GameBook golf app, you get over 38,000 golf courses and extensive information regarding the courses that include data like hole-to-hole scoring and GPS coordinates.

Moreover, you can view your game history and statistics of all the rounds you have played previously, all the way from fairways and green to average putts in each round.

The best feature is the Eclectic scorecard, which combines your best-performed shots and your best score for each hole to determine the most suitable personal hotspots and pitfalls for you.


  • Easy scorekeeping
  • Add putts and fairway hits
  • GPS Rangefinder
  • Measure your shots

3. Hole19 Golf GPS & Scorecard

One of the best golf apps for iOS and Android includes the Hole19 Golf GPS & Scorecard. While there is a wide range of golf apps available for free or partially free, this app offers a high-quality golf GPS app with absolutely no charge.

Hole19 Golf GPS & Scorecard

With its numerous user-friendly and professional features that help enhance your game performance and make it fun, Hole19 is a must-have for all the golfers out there.

Features & Benefits

Among the various apps available for golfers, help improve their skill while keeping a score of their shots. Hole19 offers some exceptional features, which makes it one of the best applications to help golfers.


Being one of the best golf apps for iOS, Hole19 gives you the option to adjust changes according to your game with Auto-Change Hole feature, which helps keep the focus on the round and lets the app change the hole for your automatically.

You can track the distance of your shot using the Distance Tracker feature, which keeps a check on how far your last shot was hit. Apart from that, you can use the Watch Scoring feature and have the complete score right on your wrist.


  • No charges
  • Measure distance accurately
  • Over 43,000 golf courses available
  • Compatible with Apple Watch

4. Golf GPS 18Birdies Scorecard

Golfers can now learn amazing tips and tricks on how to improve their game while making use of features that give to the dot statistics about their shots, location, angles, and more with the Golf GPS 18Birdies app.

Golf GPS 18Birdies Scorecard

This is an award-winning app for being the best for swing and game analysis. 18Birdies offers two types of memberships, including basic and premium, according to which is the availability of its features.

Features & Benefits

Golfers claim for 18Birdies to be the best golf apps for Apple Watch for its easy integration and user-friendly interface that allows golfers to get all the information regarding their shots, directions, golf courses, and much more on their Apple Watches.


Using the best golf apps for Apple Watch is a must if you want to become a pro at your game. With 18Birdies, you can take the guesswork out of your game with accurate information regarding wind speeds, elevation, temperature, rain, and much more.

It gives you advanced statistics regarding your game performance and recommendations that can be accessed using the Live Coach features. You can get Hole insights as well as a Tee Shot Planner to manage your game accordingly.


  • Caddy+ allows you to hire your own digital caddy (For premium members)
  • AI Coach
  • Live weather map
  • Stroke gained score

5. Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie

The Golfshot is not just an average golfing application, but it also offers a lot more than one can expect. Apart from the numerous helpful features, it has for golfers to enhance their golfing experience; it is also a professional caddy that you can carry in your pocket.

Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie

Golfers consider this as one of the very few best golf apps for iPhone and rely on it to improve their game.

Features & Benefits

With over 40,000 golf courses available on the map, Golfshot is an app that supports your game and allows you to track your Handicap Index using the Apple Watch fitness system. Golfshot has plenty of other unique features that make it one of the best golf apps for the Apple Watch.


This application offers a wide variety of features. One of the main features it provides includes the 3D visualization of the entire course you are playing on. These features easily make it the best application to help golfers, as it is the only app offering augmented reality.

You can easily track your shot’s distance along with the direction of the club at which the shot was hit. Moreover, it offers world-class coaching tips that is accessible through GolfPlan.


  • 3D hole and course previews
  • Stroke Play and Stableford scoring
  • In-depth statistics
  • Track distance of shots played

6. GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line

Another one on the list of best golf apps for iPhone, iPad, and iOS is the GolfLogix Golf GPS, which reads your putts and determines exactly which angle to take your shot.

GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line

GolfLogix offers ground-breaking technology and is considered a trusted and reliable golf app by golfers worldwide. You can easily blend your golfing routine with the fast a fun use of this app on the course.

Features & Benefits

With precise GPS distances on every tee and, game statistics of professional level, handicap tracking, and tons of other features that enhance your golf skill set, GolfLogix is easily one of the best applications to help golfers. Especially with the new updates, it is every golfer’s favorite choice.


GolfLogix has had massive improvements over time and now offers features like Stats, Tee Time, Play Golf, Upgradation, and more. You can easily use your current location and create an entire list of courses around you with this app as it offers over 35,000 golf courses on its map.

Out of those 35,000, there are more than 12,000 maps that have 3D mapped greens. Along with that, it measures the accuracy and speed of your shots and provides up to four different displays for distance.

One of the most prominent features it has is the Approach View and Putt Break, which is considered useful in locating your ball and the hole on the map.


  • Stat-tracking
  • 3D green mapping
  • 35,000 golf available golf courses
  • Putt breaks technology

7. Golf Pad: Golf GPS & Scorecard

While there are many golf apps out there in the technological world, Golf Pad has remained one of the best golf apps for Apple Watch to help golfers increase their game efficiency.

Golf Pad: Golf GPS & Scorecard

Golfers have been raving about this app for the great service it offers, along with the consistent innovative features and value it holds. Not only is it easy to use but it improves your game massively.

Features & Benefits

Golfers need an app that contributes to making their golfing experience fun and challenging them to perform better. This is just what Golf Pad helps achieve with its innovative features and near-perfect app stability that makes using it absolutely hassle-free.


One of the core features that Golf Pad offers, which makes it the best application to help golfers, includes the intelligent club recommendations it offers. According to your game history and course information that you have played on, you can get recommendations that help you determine how to play better.

It offers real-time round sharing, which allows your friends or golf coach to watch you unfold while you play. This makes this the best golf app for Apple Watch is its premium smartwatch feature allows you to use the app on your Apple Watch without having to keep your phone on you.


  • View scoring and club averages
  • Rangefinder distances
  • Tee-to-green shot tracking
  • Aerial maps with flyovers

4 Best Track Your Swing with The Best Golf Apps

1. Golf Coach by Dr Noel Rousseau

What is better than an online top-ranked coach that you can have with you at all times?

The Golf Coach App by Dr. Noel Rousseau is one of its kind and is considered as one of the best golf applications to help golfers improve their game and learn new methods of how to hit their shots along with which equipment to use for certain plays.

Golf Coach by Dr Noel Rousseau

With the award-winning Golf Coach app, you can now transform your game and learn professional-level golf in less than no time.

Features & Benefits

Contrary to various popular apps used by golfers, Golf coach offers features like no other. From shot analysis to coaching programs, you can get all the features you need for game improvement. This app offers some exceptional features that you will love.


Being one of the must-have apps and the best golf apps for iPad, Golf Coach contains features like golf instruction that cut to the chase and get you to start learning different methods of playing.

It has clear and concise tutorials that are explained in detail conceptually according to topics. You can get various benefits by being a member, including access to the ‘vault’, which covers a multitude of topics for extensive learning.

Along with that, it offers you structured courses that apply to your playing style. Of course, coaching is one of the major benefits that contribute to your practice sessions on the course.


  • Free trial for all golfers
  • High-quality golf instructions
  • 38 HD videos
  • Swing analyzer feature view

2. Hudl Technique Golf

Hudl Technique Golf was earlier called Ubersense Golf and has helped golfers analyze their game by frame by frame, slow motion evaluation of their swing shots, and form of playing.

Hudl Technique Golf

Coaches and athletes have regarded this as the best golf application to help golfers mainly because of its real-time display of playback. You can get it for free on your iOS devices from the App Store.

Features & Benefits

Golfers have been raving about the Hudl Technique Golf app for its unique features, allowing them to explore their true potential when it comes to golf. It is one of the must-haves for every golfer, whether beginner or professional.


With a long list of features instilled in Hudl, golfers can make great use of some of the main ones which include the swing recording feature in HD up to 240 FPS.

Along with that, it allows comparing your style of swing with 90 other PGA golf players like Jeff Overton and Patrick Reed. You can get on-app instructions from leading PGA coaches and improve your swing according to the course and range you are most likely to play on.


  • Create swing reviews with voice-overs
  • Import and analyze your shots
  • Lessons from PGA instructors
  • Share your swing shots online.

3. Coach’s Eye – Video Analysis

One of the most distinct apps that golfers can use is the Coach’s Eye app, which offers detailed video analysis of your shots and helps you and your team with performance improvement.

Coach's Eye - Video Analysis

You can analyze your playing form, body mechanics, swing, and a lot more with this app. Golfers claim Coach’s Eye to be one of the best golf apps for Apple Watch as well as iPad as it is the world’s leading video platform for athletes and instructors who need to review shots of the players.

Features & Benefits

Being one of the top-ranked video analysis applications, there is a lot that Coach’s Eye can offer to golfers and coaches to review their performance. Not only does this give you a detailed view of how you perform but also allows for you to improvise, keeping past shot videos in the front.


Coach’s Eye offers a wide variety of features, including capturing video at a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 240 FPS, depending on the device you are using. It allows you to compare videos side by side and compare them.

Moreover, you get the angle, timer, and spotlight tools, which allow you to draw, add times, and focus on important parts of the videos. The best part about this app is the USA Track and Field video from various leading golfers.


  • Record video with voice-overs
  • Draw lines to indicate where changes are to be made
  • Review videos in slow motion
  • Analyze your swing shots in detail

4. Zepp Golf

One of the most powerful swings analyzing apps that is a personal favorite for golfers is Zepp Golf. With the latest features offered by this next-generation application, you can explore various opportunities to improve your golf experience.

Zepp Golf

Not only is it one of the best golf applications to help golfers, but it is also a fantastic choice for users interested in other sports like tennis or softball.

Features & Benefits

Coming across an application that fulfills all your game improvement requirements does not happen often. However, with Zepp Golf, you can be sure to get the guidance you need on the range or golf course. This app plays the role of a virtual coach and helps you learn better and faster.


With a wide list of features, Zepp Golf has paved its way to becoming one of the best golf apps for iOS by offering features like sensors that work towards improving your swing.

The app instantly measures the important aspects of your swing, which may include speed, plane, tempo, and many others. You can get a 3D swing analysis and smart coach training system that can help you swing better.

It also offers the feature of tracking your score using GPS.


  • A revolutionary smart coach training system
  • The swing sensor attaches to your glove.
  • Highlight clip creation
  • Compare your data with professional players.

Top 2 Measure Your Handicap Level with These Apps

1. The Official Rules of Golf

Choosing the right equipment, course, and technique is great. However, knowing the game rules is the first thing you need to learn before you make any other choice.

The Official Rules of Golf

The USGA Rule of Golf App is an official app that gives you a detailed explanation of how the game works and what rules need to be adhered to regarding different tournaments. This app can be used by all the members of the game, including referees, administrators, and players.

Features & Benefits

With this app’s help, golfers can receive comprehensive answers to many of their questions regarding the rules and regulations of playing the game and need to be dealt with before they go on for tournaments. It contains information regarding different courses for players of all types of abilities and more.


Rules of Golf app by USGA offers various features that can prove to be useful during the game. It is an essential app that includes the interpretation of all the rules and committee procedures necessary for both referees, as will committees that organize and hold golf tournaments.

One of its key features includes the Modified Rules of Golf for players with disabilities. You can get videos, diagrams, FAQs, quizzes, and a lot more with this app that is known to be one of the best golf applications to help golfers.


  • Keep you up to date with the latest rules
  • User-friendly operation
  • More than 200 graphics
  • Contains rules for stroke and match play

2. Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores

Golfers looking for the best golf apps for iPad need to stop looking because the Golf Handicap Tracker and Scores by InfoTalk LLC has proved to be one of the most useful apps for handicap tracking. This is a simple yet intuitive app that helps you calculate your handicap for free.

Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores

According to the number of users it has currently, it is one of the fastest-growing apps, making it exceptionally easy to submit your scorecards once you are finished with the game.

Features & Benefits

Fun to use and easy handicap tracker that makes it easy for you to keep track of your handicap index according to the latest rules. The Golf Handicap Tracker and Scores offers numerous features that help in enhancing your performance through the game,


You can calculate your handicap for any particular course along with the maximum stroke with the help of this app. You can also implement a soft cap and a hard cap to limit the extreme upward movement.

Not only that, but you can follow your fellow golfer friends and keep track of their handicaps and scores to make it interesting and challenging for you.

Most importantly, you can get thousand of courses with their ratings and slopes and download them if you want to experience their play.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Support 9-hole score combinations
  • Downloads available for thousands of courses
  • Calculate handicap based on U.S, Canada, and Australian rules

Top 2 Latest Golf News with The Best Apps


The official app for PGA allows fans to receive information in a new and unique way that they cannot get otherwise. This app has been claimed as one of the best golf apps for iOS users and is available to download for free through the App Store.


You can use this app on your iPhone and iPads to get the latest news regarding the PGA Tour. It has plenty of built-in features that can be used depending on whether you use it on your iPhone or iPad.

Features & Benefits

With the latest update, the PGA Tour application now makes it possible for you to monitor every featured shot along with a 10-minute post-round recap. No longer will you miss any of your favorite sport details, thanks to PGA Tours application and its exceptional features.


Follow all of the action from the touch of a single app that offers a real-time leaderboard with a player shelf allowing quick access to player scorecards, profiles, and videos. Along with that, you can get all the latest news from this app related to Champions Tour, PGA Tour Latinoamerica, and various others.

Also, it shows shot trails and shot plots for all players with a full 18-hole view to show where your favorite players and leaders are on the golf course. It sends you to push notifications and allows you to follow all the actions happening even if the application is not launched.


  • Real-time leaderboards
  • Play-by-play video highlights
  • Statistics and 3D shot tracking
  • News related to favorite players

2. Golf Digest Magazine

This is not just an average digest magazine but in fact one of the best golf apps for iOS users. This app helps golfers enhance their game with the help of instructions from top-ranked teachers.

Golf Digest Magazine

Along with that, it offers recommendations regarding golf equipment, and it can contribute to making your game better. Also, it features leading golf personalities and gives insights on their techniques and achievements for you to take inspiration from.

Features & Benefits

Golf Digest Magazine is available on the App Store with various in-app purchase options, including yearly and monthly subscriptions and the Hot Lists for every month. It offers plenty of other features for you to learn from if you are a golfer or just a passionate fan of this sport.


With the editor’s top-picked features, you can get a detailed analysis of the best swings and games. Apart from that, the Golf Digest Magazine shows ‘solid shots’ by leading players, and it also helps you track your best game.

With recommendations regarding golf equipment, including clubs, balls, brands, and more, you can revamp your golfing experience.


  • Access golf news remotely.
  • Ratings for the latest equipment
  • Get on the go news on your favorite golfers.
  • Instructions from top golf coaches


Making the right choice is of key importance when it comes to golf. Whether it is the right course or the necessary applications, while it can be a bit technical to choose an application that is fit for you, we personally recommend Golf Pad: Golf GPS & Scorecard for the unique features it offers.

Followed by that, we have Zepp Golf in line, one of the best golf applications to help golfers track their swing.

Lastly, we recommend The Official Rules of Golf to make sure you have full knowledge of the game.

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